Monday, December 20, 2010

Which is your ideal badminton racket?

Those who aspiring to become a pro in badminton should own essential equipment of which racket is very prominent as it acts a middleman to transfer the force from the player to the shuttle. But with too many varieties available one tend to get confused of which to be chosen. Spending more money on badminton rackets doesn't mean that the equipment well suits the players as there are various factors involved in. Many players make a wrong choice of equipment but end up in investing huge money, which of course go waste. With an unideal equipment players don't get to enjoy better playing experience, all these factors now make you think of “how to choose the right badminton racket?”

One type of shoes cannot fit everyone, this goes for the badminton racket as well. Every player is unique, so do their playing style, this arises the need for evolution of different types of rackets. Majority of badminton rackets are made from either carbon fiber or graphite, (now titanium and non carbon materials are also used), and they are categorized based on the shape, size, weight, stiffness, and finally balance.

Regarding the head of badminton racket oval is the conventional type and recently isometric head is becoming widely popular, it has more sweet spot and is believed to be more powerful than the former type.

If you need a racket for control then a lightweight racket with lower balance point is ideal, where as a heavier racket with higher balance point can is ideal for those whose need is power. A less stiffness racket is what you need to look in for if wish to have control as well as power, which has to be adjusted manually. A notable benefit about lightweight rackets is they are unstrung, so the weigh and balance don't get affected when a grip is added. If you want to add an additional grip over the original one but want the control to be maintained then rackets with higher balance point are ideal.

Talking about the stiffness of the racket shaft most of the professional players and also some beginners and amateur players use stiffer shaft, but the best way to choose a shaft with the right stiffness is by try using different stiffness racket and analyze with which racket you are comfortable playing. Sometimes you may tend to feel frame shock and frame vibration if you use a stiff racket, which can be minimized by adding a 5 grams grommet stripe.

Choose the best-suiting Carlton badminton racquet from a sporting goods store and excel in the game.

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