Friday, December 17, 2010

Schwinn Meridian Tricycle - Jingle all the way

Giving the best to their child is every parent’s dream, but along with best another most important point of consideration for the parent is the security of their kid. As children grow, they are made to learn lot of things through sports and riding a cycle is one of the best ways to teach them about balancing and it also develops their sense of direction.

Schwinn is one of the most trusted brands in field of bicycles. They have been successful in making their image in the heart and minds of people, through the quality and durability of their product. People believe that spending money on Schwinn products is like a real investment, which will give returns for many coming years.

Schwinn Meridian tricycle is the first choice of every parent, as they know that their child will truly enjoy his or her ride, while they can have their peace of mind. These tricycles are designed in such a way that they can be safe for children, while at the same time they are real classy with the looks. Many of the Schwinn tricycles bore the vintage look that really make every piece look affluent and royal.

The Schwinn tricycles are made of metal and hence they pretty stable while riding. Even though they are made of metal, the fine finishing of these tricycles really leaves no room for any kind of injury. Generally these tricycles are very close to ground level, and hence this makes it comfortable for children to touch the ground with their feet, however these tricycles can also grow along with your child. The Schwinn tricycles come along with the height adjustable technology, so when a child grows in height, the height of the tricycle can be adjusted accordingly.

The tires of the Schwinn tricycles are made of rubber and not of plastic, this helps to have firmer grip on the road and it also avoids the cracking noise that is created by the plastic tires. Mostly these tricycles have bucket seat that reduces the possibility of children falling off their tricycles while making sharp turns as they also work on reducing low centre of gravity.

The Schwinn tricycles are available in colours like, blue, black and pink and they are quite economical as well. This is a nice investment for parents as the child can ride on it for many years to come.

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