Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What do you need to make a scrapbook?

For many scrapbooking is a hobby because it is one way to well preserve their memorable moments. Though your favorite photographs go in there you can imagine a scrapbook as a photo album, it is more than that. It gives an opportunity to exhibit those pictures close to your heart in a better and also let you channelize your thoughts. Today, you get enormous types of scrapbooks in malls and online stores, so you get to buy your favorite book, but if you are making a scrapbook on your own it is as exciting as scrapbooking. Not just you save money, you are actually pursuing a new hobby. If it sounds interesting read below to know how to make a leather scrapbook and its essentials.

If you say leather scrapbook then you are talking about its cover, and you definitely need a piece of premium leather as the book is meant to be a keepsake. The size of leather depends on the size of book you intended to make.

As your photos are going into this book album is vital, without album placing your photos and photo mats is nearly impossible. It is wise to go for albums with protective covering to protect your photos from water spills and mold. Page protectors are must to best enjoy your memories and preserve the photos for decades, and archival-quality page protectors are ideal choice as they do not deteriorate soon.

A scissor is mandatory because cutting is the major process in making a scrapbook , so have a high-quality scissor. Various options of scissors that can well aid you in augmenting the overall design and feel of your photos and the background materials are plain, craft, and pinking shears. Also you need a paper cutter to accentuate paper and photos, a trimmer can also well serve this purpose.

Like the cover you need to pay attention to the backdrop of the scrapbook as well, hence choose fine-quality, acid-free plain cardstocks or patterned papers. For the latter, choosing solid colors and patterns is ideal.

The next essential tool for making scrapbook is a ruler, metal or plastic is fine but should be straight edged, with this you are assured optimum results. For creasing papers metal rulers are the best choice and a school ruler can also be relied upon for this purpose.

Adhesives are equally important, and ensure you get the premium one so you don’t have to be concerned of photos and background papers sticking well to scrapbook pages. Double sided tape, glue dots, glue stick, and glue pens are various scrapbooking adhesives on tap to choose from.

Captions and the penned down thoughts should stay for ever, so you need fade pens, and you also have acid-free pens and water-proof pens.

Another essential is a cutting mat as no one wants their working area to be spoiled, dense plastic mats are the right pick are they are highly flexible and tough. You can also use self-healing cutting, which conceals the cuts of past and retain their smooth surface for a while.

You can decorate the scrapbook with embellishments like ribbons, metal or color eyelets, paper and fabric flowers, stamps, glitters, paper clip shapes, metal binder clips, buttons, embossing powder, and beads and enhance its appeal.

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