Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby Steps, And Trikes

Buying your child’s first tricycle is a major spot of transition in toddler care. It nurtures your child’s cognitive and motor skills and he learns hand-eye coordination. He discovers a whole new world as his routine changes from crawling about and playing make-believe games with toys in his nursery to something that is so full of activity. Trikes, as a tradition, are supposed to be bright and colourful, but in the same breath, must be very safe. It is important that you look into both aspects such that neither in compromised and your child has the most fun while being perfectly protected.

The Schwinn Easy Steer Trike is one such product that is the perfect gift for your tiny tot. It is made for unisex use and flaunts bright shades of white and red. Even while giving your child freedom to whiz around the patio or your court yard, it still gives the caretaker or parent great control as and when needed.

One of the first things that a parent looks at, while trying to buy a trike that is perfect for their child, is to check whether the child is comfortable and the height is convenient. Well then, here is some good news! The Schwinn Easy-Steer Trike grows with your child! It is strong and even the naughtiest of children cannot ram it or rough it up hard enough to harm its heavy-duty steel frame that is sturdy and optimally tensile. It also sports a 3-point seat belt which is its star safety feature. The seat also has a high saddle back that assures your child’s safety even when you are not within five feet distance. Now all those little accidents that involve falling of the seat can be avoided and minimized.

Apart from its bright, cheerful tint, the Schwinn Easy-Steer Trike’s steering system is also concealed. This means no ugly metal jutting out. The steering system is patented and very convenient for the child to navigate around the space. This is equally handy for parents when they want to exercise control over the trike while trying to steer it in a particular direction. Perfect beginner’s driving lesson, don’t you think?

The Schwinn Easy-Steer Trike also has a basket in the front for your child to stash away his special treasures. In the rear, there is a case with gravity-lock. This makes the trike all the more endearing to children as they hoard stray pebbles, strings and other stuff they find while riding around. The wheels of the Schwinn Easy-Steer Trike are enclosed by wide EVA tires that have good traction and look very stylish. The assembly is really easy and a job to be finished in a jiffy.

Priced at just $84.99, it is a great investment to watch your child whirl around the house in true glee!

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