Monday, December 20, 2010

Dancing and fitness

People despite having a string desire to keep their body fit don't bring workouts into their routine because for them exercise, being on the treadmill or cycle means boring and painful. Those who feel bored or disinterested going to gym but want to stay fit dancing is the best way, it is fun at the same time gives you expected results of health and fitness.

One best thing about dancing is it enhances cardiovascular endurance with less strain and pain. While attending fitness dance classes you get to see more people, interact with them, enjoy the session, and never feel the pain of exercise but you may have completed full aerobic workout.

Most of you well know that you should take 10,000 steps a day and this number is a huge concern, likewise increasing the heart rate for 30 minutes 3 to 4 days a week. With dancing you enjoy all these benefits at ease, and this is the reason why even athletes prefer exercise via dancing nowadays. Not just physical fitness, dancing can relieve your stress and let you socialize better with friends.

Of all dancing forms square dancing is commonly preferred to gain fitness by people of all ages as it mainly concentrates on cardiovascular health. Like mentioned before, this dance form provides physical, mental, and social health benefits, and one major advantage of square dancing is a low impact aerobics. In addition to cardio strengthening it enhances circulation to the joints and improves strength of bones. Low blood pressure, slow heart rate, optimal cholesterol level maintenance, and loss of bone mass in slow pass, all can be achieved through this dancing. Other benefits of square dancing include improved muscle stamina, muscle tone, and also better burning of calories.

Burning calories vary between dance forms. through swing dancing 235 calories and 265 via ballroom can be burnt. Square dancing can burn up to 280 calories but with aerobic a maximum of 540 calories can be burnt.

And, unlike other workout method you hardly or don't need to spend on fitness equipment when it comes to dancing. Investing a heavy amount in a treadmill or any fitness equipment can be avoided by opting dancing as exercising methods. For those who feel attending dance classes are little expensive, they do have an economical option. Instructional CDs and DVDs are available at a sporting goods store, both retail and online, so you can perform workouts at the convenience of your home.

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