Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Collecting Murano Glass Paperweights

The origin of Murano glasses dates back to 9th century and got its name from the place where the concept originated. Murano is a small island that lies in the North West of the city of Venice, Italy and today it is a home to numerous glass factories and glass making artists. Though an array of Murano glass products are available, like vases, sculptures, perfume bottles, chandeliers, beads, and jewels, paperweights remain to be a craze of many, and in recent times a new hobby has evolved based on the Murano glass paperweights. They are not meagerly treated as a tool to hold down papers and are treated like a piece of ornament because of their appeal and the kind of work involved in making every piece of glass.

Those who got the whims of making Murano glass paperweights collection as a hobby should know the basics and internet is the right place to know the variety of Murano glass paperweights available. When you do a search online you get to come across paperweights with traditional touch and those inspired by modern art and you can decide which or whose work you are impressed with and want to own them.

In general there are four approaches when it comes to collection paperweights, of these type collecting is more common. This kind of collectors like to have a one masterpiece of each type of paperweights and so they end up with a huge varieties of paperweights in one collection. Contradicting to this is in-depth collectors who likes to collect only one type paperweights, this type of collection can best aid when a study need to be done on the different glass manufacturing techniques. Theme collectors, as the name specifies, collect paperweights with a common theme, say flowers, birds, or fish. There are collectors who own glass paperweight because they likes, no matter what type or theme it belongs to. So, decide which type of collector you want to be.

While buying Murano glass items there are certain things to be checked to ensure that the piece is authentic because there are Murano style glass products available in the market, which are either manufactured in Asia or Brazil. Whether you buy a new or a pre-owned Murano glass you have invest a considerable amount of money, so check the new glass item has a counterfeit label or a certificate accompanies the latter.

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