Friday, July 13, 2012

Fine tune business with Transcription services

Availing of timely transcription services can make a big positive difference to the finances of a company. Legal firms deal with proceedings every day, which have to be recorded accurately and filed for future reference. If such firms allow a backlog to develop, imagine the loss of credibility they would have to face, not to mention the financial implications. The medical industry needs scores of doctors’ records to be transcribed into prescribed formats, for which it needs to outsource. The following range is an indication of the kind of work that Transcription services provide, which can reduce workload, save time, effort and money for companies and professionals, in the conduct of their business.
Dictations can be legal hearings or pleadings which are generally recorded in session, in digital audio files or digital video files. Doctors also dictate their diagnosis and line of treatment either onto cassette tapes or computerized audio recordings. These are sent to the Transcription services provider who will have to send these recordings in a readable format in the least turnaround time.
Used chiefly by the police, interrogations are recorded through videos and micro cassette tapes. These records have to be captured for legal evidence and convictions, and must be presented as a written document. There is usually a format with details like names, place, and content to be filled in appropriate sections. These documents have to be classified alphabetically according to the name and location of the Police station, for easy retrieval.
Interviews can take place one on one or in groups. They could be conducted face to face or done using video conferencing. The transcriber will have to record these verbatim, putting in exclamations like laughter, in parenthesis. Emotions and body language can say a lot during interviews and a record of this is always helpful in reaching a conclusion.
Seminars generally revolve around a theme with speakers talking for around 30 minutes, followed by a discussion. For the seminar report, it is necessary to transcribe what was presented as well as report accurately the discussions that took place.
Churches are now transcribing the sermons given by priests, and putting it up on websites. Recorded versions are available as well as transcribed into the word format which is available as booklets.
A webinar or podcast is a video that can be accessed on the internet. These are generally promotional in nature or are training sessions. Some have provisions for online discussion forums. The originator of these would like to have a record of what was said and uses Transcription services for this.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What is Conference Transcription

People often associate conferences with press conferences or medical symposiums but conferences could be anything ranging from business conferences to conferences organised for on a particular topic or subject. Transcribing the audio-video recording of these presentations and speeches is conference transcription in layman terms. However in transcription parlance, this could mean one of two things. Conference transcription could refer to the conversion of audio files from a conference to text files or the conversion of audio files from conference calls to text files. Most firms offering conference transcription services are equipped to deal with both.

It becomes easier for a conference transcription firm to offer these services if the client shares the background of the conference and a profile of the speakers along with likely topics that may be spoken about. Having such basic information helps the transcriber to get research done so when they start working on the files they have a comfortable level of familiarity with the industry and related jargon. Conference transcription is in great demand because having transcripts of these conferences helps individuals and companies to refer to the notes at a later date.