Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Play safe with Lacrosse safety equipment

Lacrosse is a sport that involves much physical contact and there are high possibilities of injuries for those who are a part of this game. It is true that this sport is played by both men and women of all ages and there are variations between lacrosse from men and women, but in both cases players are bound to encounter fatal injuries like hockey. But, players still can have a safe game if they abide by the rules and comes equipped with essential safety gears. This article talks about what are the various lacrosse safety gears you should wear if you like to be pro in this sport.

Safety lacrosse equipment is an array and the essentials are decided only based on the position you play. Lacrosse is played with a hard ball and a stick that consists of a shaft to which the head is attached, so it is vital to protect your head with a helmet and a face mask. Imagine the kind of pain and its consequences of a hard ball of 8-inch circumference or that stick hitting your face, that's the reason these two safety accessories are given priority. Usually a helmet comes with a chin strap to keep it firmly in place, and the face mask are nothing but bars running across the face to prevent the ball hitting your face without distracting your view.

Next part of your body that you need to pay attention is your hand, it is suggested to wear thick padded Gait lacrosse gloves to avoid injuries. If you are to be played in the goal then you need extra safety gears such as padded pants and thigh and chest pads as they ball is aimed at your and possibilities of the stick hitting you badly are very high. There are also players who choose to wear elbow pads, but this up to the player's choice and not a mandatory accessory.

Then rest of the lacrosse gears are similar to any other sport, say a t-shirt and shorts. Here also you need to be little cautious while choosing as an uncomfortable uniform can affect your performance. Like safety gears, lacrosse sticks are needs to be chosen based on the position you play as they are available in an array of lengths, ranging from 52 to 72 inches.

So with all these protective gears in place you can take up the game with full confidence.

Essential soccer gears

For those in a plan to buy optimal soccer equipment may find this article useful as it talks about how to choose the right soccer gear. There are various gears you need to own if you like to take the sport seriously, which are discussed in brief below.

Soccer Ball: Soccer cannot be played without a ball, so be it fir leisure or professional game you need own a quality ball. In addition to quality, size is another major aspect you need to consider while buying a soccer ball. If you are buying it for your kid who between 8 and 12 years of age then size 4 is ideal, but if your kid is under 8 then go for size 3. For players over 12 years of age size 5 balls are the perfect choice. When you buy a soccer ball don't forget to check whether it has a stamp reading FIFA approved or official size and weight. If not, then you are sure to feel uncomfortable using the ball as unregulated ones are hard. Always buy Nike t90 soccer ball.

Cleats: Cleats are very vital for soccer players as with skimpy shoes chances of slipping, falling, and getting injured are very high. Soccer shoes you buy should snugly fit into your feet when your wear socks, they shouldn't be too loose or tight. Synthetic cleats are a great choice for beginner and intermediate soccer players but for professionals leathers cleats are recommended.

Indoor Shoes: To play indoor it is wise buy those flat soled shoes, they may better help in preventing injuries and also also take care of your feet's health.

Socks: These soccer supplies are not only to personalize with your uniform but they are vital to keep your shin guards in place. You can be ensured that you are using the right pair of socks if you don't experience no issues with blood circulation in your legs. Even if you are buying the highest-quality socks they don't leave a hole in your pocket.

Shin Guards: As their name goes, they are meant to guard your shin and hence ensure they are strong. They should cover your leg from below the knee to the ankle, and you should be able to run, jump, and kick freely.

Goalkeeper Shorts: Though look similar to shorts, goalkeeper shorts have extra padding and are bit longer so avoid cuts and bruises to the maximum. You can also opt for padded pants for optimal protection.

Gloves: Next vital gears that every soccer goalkeeper should posses are gloves, which prevent scratching or injuring of fingers while catching the ball.

What are the essential boxing safety accessories?

Boxing is a sport that involves a lot of physical contact and a dangerous sport too, so wearing safety equipment is essential not because they are mandatory but also to ensure your safety on the ring. Without safety gears you may end up in worse injuries, and there are incidences that boxers have become crippled for life, some even have lost their lives, but with those gears worn boxing is really an awesome game. Moreover, it is wise to comply with the safety rules of boxing in order to have a long, healthy career in this sport. This article is intended to guide you through what are the safety gears you should own if you wish to be a professional boxer and how to use them ideally.

Before entering the boxing ring, make sure that you have worn a heavily-padded cup or groin protector under your trunk to protect your groin and hips from a misplaced punch. Next essential protective equipment for boxers is headgear as head injuries may become fatal. A headgear absorbs punches thrown and takes car of your head safety during a serious game. Not just head, protection to eyes and ears are also offer by it.

Gloves are mandatory boxers of any level, so better you buy a pair of high-quality gloves and use them during training as well as when you box. Heavily-padded gloves are the right choice as they absorb punches and take care of you and also your opponent’s safety. While boxing there are high possible of not just but also the wrist getting injured, but with gloves worn properly such incidences can be prevented. Everlast Amateur Boxing gloves are the official gloves that are used in boxing competitions.

Mouth guard or mouthpiece is suppose to be worn inside your mouth and has to be kept in place by biting it with your teeth, so ensure you have bite the mouth guard down properly while boxing. If a punch landed in you face it may knock your teeth and injure your lips too, and hence it is wise to cross check that you have work this protective gear properly.

For women boxers, there is one accessory that is vital, which is nothing but breast protectors. It has to be donned under a woman boxer’s top, this absorbs chock from punches steered towards her chest. If she tends to take more punches on her breast without the breast protector then it may end up in causing damage to the sensitive breast tissue.

Tips on wearing football equipment

Wearing football equipment properly let a player feel comfortable of the gears and let them concentrate more on the game. So, before a football players get into the gridiron it is wise to check that the uniform, helmet, shoulder pads, and other protective gears are worn perfectly, so the players neither have to worry about gears nor keep adjusting them when they are on the field. So, choosing football gears of right size is not enough, it is wise to see to it that they fit properly to enjoy the benefits they are intended to offer. If you aim to be a professional footballer then read further to know how to wear football equipment.

First, ensure that football gears are snugly fit against your body. While securing helmet against your head see to that it has ideally fit against your head and so you can be assure of your head’s safety. While adjusting the chin strap make sure that you are comfortable, if not, loosen or tighten the strap according to your need. When you buy a helmet itself make sure it is of the right size, as with the bigger ones your head may bounce inside.

Almost every shoulder pads have either two or four adjustable clips, so you adjust as per your convenience but should be as tight as possible. Initially, you may feel uncomfortable but this way you can ensure that they are in position during the game.

Now, lets get deep into how to optimally wear football shoulder pads. The centre string should be tied in and out to keep the left and right pads firmly together. Also, make sure that the string is strong so the incidence of pads splitting can be avoided during the game.

Manu players wearing shoulder pads are very tricky and some even make it complicated while wearing them, it’s actually simple. You just need to wear them like how you wear a t-shirt, place them over you head and just pull them onto your shoulders. Now, grab the buckles and pull them under your shoulders and just connect them to pads’ front either by clicking or latching onto the buttons. Usually, the buckles fastened to a string and can be found somewhere close to your lower waist. Then you may find elastic bands the run from pads’ back to front, you need to tighten them. Like said above, shoulder pads should be placed firmly against your body, but not in a way that lets you find breathing difficult. It is always better to use Rawlings ST5 football while playing since that is the official football.