Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Play safe with Lacrosse safety equipment

Lacrosse is a sport that involves much physical contact and there are high possibilities of injuries for those who are a part of this game. It is true that this sport is played by both men and women of all ages and there are variations between lacrosse from men and women, but in both cases players are bound to encounter fatal injuries like hockey. But, players still can have a safe game if they abide by the rules and comes equipped with essential safety gears. This article talks about what are the various lacrosse safety gears you should wear if you like to be pro in this sport.

Safety lacrosse equipment is an array and the essentials are decided only based on the position you play. Lacrosse is played with a hard ball and a stick that consists of a shaft to which the head is attached, so it is vital to protect your head with a helmet and a face mask. Imagine the kind of pain and its consequences of a hard ball of 8-inch circumference or that stick hitting your face, that's the reason these two safety accessories are given priority. Usually a helmet comes with a chin strap to keep it firmly in place, and the face mask are nothing but bars running across the face to prevent the ball hitting your face without distracting your view.

Next part of your body that you need to pay attention is your hand, it is suggested to wear thick padded Gait lacrosse gloves to avoid injuries. If you are to be played in the goal then you need extra safety gears such as padded pants and thigh and chest pads as they ball is aimed at your and possibilities of the stick hitting you badly are very high. There are also players who choose to wear elbow pads, but this up to the player's choice and not a mandatory accessory.

Then rest of the lacrosse gears are similar to any other sport, say a t-shirt and shorts. Here also you need to be little cautious while choosing as an uncomfortable uniform can affect your performance. Like safety gears, lacrosse sticks are needs to be chosen based on the position you play as they are available in an array of lengths, ranging from 52 to 72 inches.

So with all these protective gears in place you can take up the game with full confidence.

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