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Maytag mdb7749awm: Maytag built-in dishwasher

Here is a brief review on Maytag mdb7749awm. This Maytag built-in dishwasher is one of the top selling dishwashers on Amazon, other e-commerce sites and also offline appliance stores. This maytag built-in dishwasher is so called since it is integrated completely into the kitchen cabinet. One downside of this maytag built-in dishwasher is that it is not portable. But it looks seamlessly integrated into your kitchen. it doesn't seem to be even existing in your kitchen. It looks fully concealed. This maytag mdb7749awm dishwasher is ENERGY STAR qualified. It can be verified by the authentic energy star symbol present on this maytag built-in dishwasher which actually signifies that this maytag dishwasher is extremely energy-efficient.

This built-in dishwasher is also known as the maytag stainless steel dishwasher. This is because the dishwasher tub is made of stainless steel completely which makes it resistant to stains and corrosion, efficient. it also provides added advantages like protection from since stainless steel is a good reflector of heat.

The Maytag mdb7749awm built-in dishwasher's design is monochromatic. This gives it a sleeky and awesome appearance making it one of the best looking dishwashers around. This dishwasher's cleaning cycle known as auto clean plus cycle is a very efficient cleaning cycle. It regulates the temperature and the time taken for the operation of the maytag dishwasher. This makes maytag built-in dishwasher an efficient cleaner with optimum performance.

Maytag mdb7749awm built-in dishwasher provides a limited 10-year warranty for some imprtant features of the dishwasher. It has a special feature known as the steamclean option which involves employing High pressure and high temperature steam through the dishes in the dishwasher. This enables the most tightly stuck muck to be removed efficiently.This steamclean option cycle is actually employed at the end when 24 mins. are added. This dishwasher has another special feature known as Quiet series 400. This makes sure that the noise emanated from the built-in dishwasher is extremely low, to the levels of 56 decibels. Maytag mdb7749awm stainless steel dishwasher employs high pressure spray jets during the washing cycle enabling deeper penetration into the dishwasher, thus helping remove the dirt from unexpected places of the dishwasher which is not quite possible in manual dishwashing.

Maytag built-in dishwasher has enough room for a lot of dishes because of the 14 place setting capacity of maytag mdb7749awm dishwasher. You can also insert tall dishes into the dishwasher. This dishwasher weighs about 95 lbs. Its height is about 34.5 in, width 23.5 in., depth around 24.5 inches. This dishwasher also has this 2-4-6 start delay option where you can start the dishwasher 2 or 4 or 6 hours later.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Italian Murano glass paperweight

People enjoy giving and receiving gifts as these gifts can add an extra cheer to most celebrations and special events. Gifts can act as a reflection of your feelings for your near and dear ones. It is therefore important to ensure that the gifts are carefully chosen. Beautifully crafted glass items can be the perfect gift choice and Italian murano glass paperweights are unique items that can prove to be excellent gifts.

Italian Murano glass items are beautiful glass pieces that are shaped by artisans having years of training in this beautiful handicraft. Among the different Murano glass items Italian Murano glass paperweights have become popular items in offices and corporate world. These paperweights are not only classy but exquisitely beautiful and so are preferred for corporate gifting purposes. Glass panes composed of silica and sand are used to create these beautiful glass pieces.

What makes the Italian Murano glass paperweight and other items truly perfect is the beautiful design and impeccable technique of creating it. The artisans engaged in creating these glass items have years of experience and posses refined techniques. The Murano glass paperweights are available in beautiful colors and exquisite designs making them excellent collectibles. These paperweights can be particularly suitable gifts for those working in offices.

The Italian Murano glass paperweights are unique because they are carefully hand blown by artisans well trained in ancient glass blowing techniques. These glass blowing techniques are innovatively combined with precious metals to create intricately designed paperweights. The art of glass blowing was perfected in Muran which is an isle in the Venetian lagoon. This glass is particularly famous throughout the world for its brilliant colors and exceptional clarity. Italian Murano glass paperweights can really add a touch of elegance and beauty to the office decor. Since these paperweights are entirely made by hand they take considerable time and there may slight differences in color and size among the different pieces.

The process of creating these paperweights involves heating the glass which is followed by stretching. There are several different patterns available in these paperweights and the millefori pattern is quite popular. In this pattern the paperweights have 24 carat gold layering. Other patterns in the paperweights include those having geometric designs, floral and natural patterns embedded in the paperweight.

These paperweights have a size of 2.5" x 2.5" and they are available in traditional round shapes as well as square shapes. There are several online retailers that sell these Italian murano paperweights and the design, style and budget constraints are some factors that should be considered before buying these paperweights. For leather scrapbook, check out that site.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Schwinn Network 7 Speed Women's Bike – The offbeat bike

Schwinn bikes for women are found exclusively in the market and this can be determined by various factors. There are bikes for general riding and others for adventure riding. Depending on what type of bike would suit your style you can purchase a bike. Mountain bikes can be classified into free-ride, downhill or cross country. The most important factor to look out in these bikes is that it should have a durable frame that can last in the tough path. Wheels should be sturdy enough to handle dirt. Handlebars have to be exclusively designed to keep up with the bumps that are normally encountered while riding a bike.

Recumbent bike is specialized designed for the off beat tracks. They are sure to keep the rider comfortable and in a supine position. The bike is different from a normal bike. The handlebars are located just over the seat that comes towards the center of the vehicle. Which is the exclusive feature found in recumbent bikes. Of course we then have utility bikes that are designed for road travel especially in big cities. These schwinn bikes are made in such a way that it is easy to maneuver in the hussle and buzzle of the city traffic. These schwinn bikes are strong and can offer wider flexibility when compared to other type of bikes.

Suppose you want to go for a functional women’s bike for adventure then do not look for DMX or BMX. Cruiser, beach cruiser, single speed Schwinn network 7 bike are more than sufficient. Such Schwinn bikes are cheaper and are normally stocked in abundance at any departmental store. Cruiser style Schwinn bikes are basically enjoyable if it is meant to cruise the beaches and off beat tracks. The cruiser bikes are normally fitted with a sturdy steel frame, rigid fork, cruiser style handlebars that can give a smooth ride in all terrain.

Buying off beat women’s Schwinn midmoor bike needs a lot of research and just picking any bike would not solve the purpose. For this it is meant to pick the right bike that is specially designed to meet the demands of the track. A 7 speed SRAM grip shifter is all about convenient. The gears shift like a breeze. The rider can feel the smoothness while the gears are changed. The brakes are of linear alloy pull brakes that ensure sure stopping while riding a bike. The bike comes with a 26" wheel and free wheel hub with backward pedaling. A padded saddle is offered for great comfort. The chain guard ensures that you can pedal safely without getting hurt. Normally platform pedals are used.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Plastic Tablecloths

When you buy a new plastic tablecloth and open the package, you will most certainly see creases wherever the tablecloth was folded from. Or, when you store an old plastic tablecloth in a packet for sometime, and take it out later, stubborn creases get formed along the folds. Plastic tablecloths with a flannel backing can be ironed easily with the back on top, and the creases will ease up. However, for a fully plastic tablecloth you need to do a few things to remove the set-in creases without ruining the plastic.

In this informative article, we will give you some useful pointers on how to remove folds and creases from a plastic tablecloth at home. The extra effort that you put in will bring your plastic tablecloth back to life like new. The things needed for this purpose are – a clothes dryer, a couple of towels and a spray bottle.

The first step in this project is to set the clothes dryer to the lowest heat setting. Choose from options like ‘low’ or ‘delicate’. This will prevent your favorite plastic tablecloth from melting or tearing inside the clothes dryer.

Use a spray bottle to dampen two or three towels with water. They should be saturated enough but not dripping with water.

Now take the plastic tablecloth and place it in the clothes dryer along with three towels.

Switch on the clothes dryer, first run it for a few three minutes, and check if the wrinkles and creases on the plastic tablecloth have blurred. If yes, then take the tablecloth out of the clothes dryer.

If the wrinkles still show up in the first three minutes, put it in the clothes dryer again and repeat the step mentioned above. Set a time for the dryer and check again to see if the folds have relaxed. The folds should have gone by now. So take the tablecloth out from the dryer, as too much time in the clothes dryer may melt the plastic.

Now lay the plastic tablecloths out on the table. Wait until the tablecloth is completely cool and dry.

If you intend to use this plastic tablecloth right away, lay it on the table directly. Or else, you may fold the plastic softly and put it away, and be careful not to place any heavy object on the folds.

If you have no time to spare and guests are coming right away, there is a quicker option for you. Just blow-dry the wrinkles on a low setting. The other solution is to place a damp towel on the plastic tablecloths and use a warm iron to smooth the creases.

Rectangular Plastic table covers – A useful item for decorating and protecting the table against spills

Parties and celebrations require considerable preparation and decoration plays an important part in such occasions. Plastic table covers are an important and a high utility item. These table covers help in ensuring that your tables get an elegant look. The plastic table covers can also hide the flaws of any old tables and create an ambience of joy and celebration associated with parties or get-together. You can also host a formal dinner using sophisticated plastic table covers. Among the different kinds of covers available in the market plastic table rolls are quite popular.

At factory direct party you can get a large selection of rectangular plastic table covers. These covers can adequately fit most standard sized rectangular tables. These not only give an elegant look to the tables but can also protect the table surface from spills. These are disposable plastic table covers and are available in a variety of colors as well as patterns to match all occasions. Through factory direct party you can easily select a color that matches the occasion or celebration and one that complements your tableware. These plastic table covers are available at discounted rates and you can easily view the selection online.

Round Plastic table covers – A Stylish and effective way to cover the table for parties and dinner arrangements

Plastic table covers serve multiple purposes which include keeping the tables clean and adding an element of elegance and beauty to the décor. These table covers are particularly useful for occasion like get-together or parties. Different varieties of plastic table covers are now available in the market and modern covers are available in different fabrics, colors and shapes like round plastic table covers or rectangular plastic tablecloths. The covers available in the market nowadays not only have attractive and vibrant covers but they can also be cleaned with ease.

Factory direct party has a large selection of round plastic tablecloths that can be used for different occasions. These plastic table covers have high opacity and this ensures that you can easily use the covers for different tables without facing problems of transparency. Since these round table covers are disposable they can be disposed off after use. These plastic tablecloths are available in as many as 30 different colors and you can easily select one that perfectly complements the décor or the theme of the party. From classic white to pink, silver to light blue or lime green to purple, the sheer variety of colors available ensures that you can easily get any color that you fancy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Multi Function Body Solid Home Gym

The Multi Function Body Solid Home Gym ensures that you can benefit from 10 strength programs within a sole piece of home exercise gear. This is a strength-training gear which is ideal for your complete workout. As it incorporates multiple functions resting on a single machine, it is possible to tone your triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest, legs and other areas.

To assess this Multi Function Home Gym in detail, it is essential to gauge some of its chief features:

* The Multi Function Body Solid Home Gym incorporates numerous functions within a single machine, thus you can easily tone your triceps, shoulders, biceps, chest as well as your legs.
* This Multi Function Gym ensures that you have the benefits of a total workout.
* When you are assured of a total workout utilizing just a single machine, it is possible to save a lot of time and money. .
* The Multi Function Gym has incredible features to ensure a total exercise schedule.
* The flex tension rods permit you to opt for the perfect resistance and this is from 5-200 lbs.
* This product is also inclusive of a hand bar that is multi-function, a flex bar in addition to leg extension bar.
* It also incorporates high plus low pulley bars.
* Due to its robust construction the home gym equipment is enduring.
* The 40" x 28.75" x 80" footprint ensures that you can save space.

The Multi Function Body Solid Home Gym is ideal for a complete workout session. The best part is that this product can be acquired at a competitive price. Certain changes might be required, after which this gym will be suitable, for your requirement. The Multi Function Body Solid Home Gym will go a long way in assisting you in losing weight and in acquiring the perfect shape which you had always desired.

When you are utilizing the Multi Function Body Solid Home Gym there are certain aspects that you should necessarily know:

* The Maximum user weight which the Multi Function Body Solid Home Gym can support is 120kg.
* Weight and cowling is not obligatory on this equipment.
* This product is not inclusive of a manual.

The product features of the Multi Function Body Solid Home Gym can be summarized as follows

* The multi function gym is ergonomically designed so that it can copy the body’s innate course of motion.
* It is a Durable product which consists of quality components that ensures an extended product life.
* The Gym has a Space-efficient design that is perfect for small places.
* The Exercise functions you can perform include high pull, low pull lie push, chest-extension, parallel bar as well as leg extension.

The Multi Function Body Solid Home Gym is a superlative product which ensures that you have a complete workout, at home. It is economical and its powerful frame ensures that it is long-lasting too. Also, check out this post on gym chalk.

SBI Pogo stick – How to use it?

Today, SBI pogo stick is a very popular toy, and it is widely used as an exercise equipment as well. The history of SBI pogo stick is very interesting. An American traveller named George Hansburg happened to meet a farmer while he was travelling through Burma. The farmer had a daughter named Pogo, who wanted to go to temple to offer prayers but couldn't as she didn't have footwear and so walking over the rough terrains was very difficult. This necessitated the farmer to create a jumping stick for his daughter so that she could bounce through mud and rocks on her way to the temple. Impressed by this footwear-alternate, George Hansburg created a jumping stick on returning to the homeland but he added a spring to the stick and named it as SBI Pogo stick and got the patent for the same in 1919.

Various improvements have resulted in the pogo sticks of today but its crude version remains to be the same. An SBI pogo stick generally has a pole with a handle at its top and a pair of footrests attached at its bottom. The pole is divided into two sections, one that extends above the footrest and the other extends below the footrest, and these two sections are connected with a spring.

How to use an SBI pogo stick? First thing one should know before using an SBI pogo stick is it should not be used on a carpet and a smooth flat surface such as concrete is ideal to be used on. The stick has to be held straight and then the user has to jump on its footpads, the user can stay steady with the aid of the handle. If one manages to do these step rightly then he/she can start with bouncing.

For SBI pogo stick to bounce the user has to jump but not jump too hard, and while bouncing the user has to keep the stick closer. If the user feels he/she may fall slightly leaning in the opposite direction can prevent falls. On learning to control well the player can start jumping with just a foot, as normally one would jump. After gaining control, the other foot has to be taken off from the pedal.

Following this is to jump on to the SBI pogo stick pedal without the hands holding the stick's handle. Jump normally, while the hands need to be taken away from the handle, and here knees are used to hold the stick and pull it up. Learning well to this can let one perform various activities while on the stick's pedals. But it is good to wear safety gears while bouncing with an SBI pogo stick.

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Dumbbells for strength training and much more!

If you wish to be on an intensive workout training then there are plenty of equipments available as workout machines are developed with new techniques quite often. Dumbbells have a long history, a type of dumbbell was used in ancient Greece and in India, a club-shaped weight training equipment was in use for more than a millennium. Today, different varieties of dumbbells are available, and they are categorized into fixed-weight, adjustable, and selectorized. Fixed-weight dumbbell is a weight designed in the shape of dumbbell, rubber dumbbell and cast iron dumbbell belong to this category and they are inexpensive. In adjustable dumbbells weights (plates) are added to the their outer portion and clips are used to secure these plates, collars too are used in some adjustable dumbbells for this purpose. Weights in selectorized dumbbells are added mechanically just by moving a selector pin or turning a dial.

Whatever be the type of dumbbell you have decided to use, you are sure to have an optimal fitness strength training. With this one piece equipment you can develop muscles, lose weight at a faster pace, and also enjoy benefits of cardiovascular workouts. Dumbbell is a very versatile tool, as you progress you can add on weights of your choice. Be it for single or bilateral arm exercises dumbbell is the right choice. Apart from arms, developing your chest, leg muscles, and other major muscle groups too are feasible with this weight training aid.

In order to increase strength for work you do or sports you engage in dumbbell is really a good tool. If body building is your passion then improve your muscle mass with this tool. Few exercises performed using dumbbells help you in stabilizing your body by strengthening your core. This tool is also good for burning excess fat, so it greatly helps with your weight lose regime.

Before you start your strength training with dumbbells doing warm ups and few stretching exercises is wise. This is to increase the flexibility of your muscles and to avoid injuries. Also, after the training session take a break, only then your muscles can easily cooperate with the next workout session. An ideal way of doing exercises with dumbbells is to include slow lift sets, quick lift sets and also a combination of slow and quick sets. But only training is not enough to increase your strength, your diet should include more protein-rich food and also intake carbohydrates as it gives you the needed energy and stamina. And, drink plenty of water, this is to wash away those toxin released while your workout.

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Blast ball – A good introduction to baseball

Boys and girls should get introduced to blast ball first if they eventually want to play baseball and t-ball. Blast ball teaches the basics which are also part of these two sports- baseball and t-ball. Apart from learning the fundamentals like hitting, catching, running, throwing, and fielding young players get an opportunity to know the importance of teamwork. The fast but simple action adds lot of fun to the game. This game is a good start for kids as it is safe because only foam bats and balls are used. This is one reason for this game to be a favourite pastime activity for kids in North America, and they don't just treat it as a mere leisure-time activity but pursue it as their profession, which is evident with millions of kids under the age 18 actively taking part in youth leagues organized across the nation.

To play blast ball game one does not have to invest huge sum of money as it doesn't require significant space like the other playground sports and its operational cost is also very minimal. A blast base, tee, bat, ball, cones, and line markers are the essentials for a blast ball play.

An ideal blast ball team should have 5 players, but can have smaller number too but both the team should have equal number of players. This game's rules for scoring is simple, it up to the defensive team to choose whether to take an outfield or infield position. The ball, which the batter has to hit, is placed on the tee. On hitting the ball the batter has to run towards the base (only one base is used in blast ball). The batter scores a run if he reaches the base before a defensive player catches the ball in the air or fields it and say 'Blast'. But if the defensive player is successful in either of these two cases then the batter is out. Ending an inning may be after a specific number of outs or after every player gets a chance to bat in every inning.

Any open area, say backyard or park, can be converted into a blast ball play area, but care is needed while placing the tee (home plate). It should be placed such that hitting let players have a safe play area. The base has to be positioned 30 to 50 ft away to the right of the home plate, and on the other side of the home plate a cone has to be placed at the equal distance, now the foul line to the right and left established. The foul line for play is established by placing the line marker 15 ft directly away from the home plate, now the field is ready for the game play.

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Plastic Tablecloths – Beautiful and high utility table decoration items

Plastic tablecloths are the most common party supplies that can be effectively used to cover tables for formal and informal parties. However table skirts may also be used in certain situations. These are different from plastic tablecloths and while they don’t cover the top portion of the table they are longer and reach the floor thereby covering the height of the table. In case you have a table that is not exactly sophisticated or elegant then you can use a table skirt to cover the table. The plastic tablecloths are taped on the table and hide the underside of a table.

Some tables come with scaffolding or can be used to store things. In such cases a table skirt can effectively hide what is under the table. At factory direct party you can take benefit of a wide range of plastic tablecloths available to add a dash of festivity to your parties. These plastic tablecloths for the table are available in several different colors and come in pleated or ruffled designs. Some factors that should be taken into consideration while purchasing table skirting includes the length of the table and the overall decoration to be used in the party. It is important to ensure that the table skirting selected complements the decorations used.

Printed plastic table covers – the perfect way to add some joy to the party or get-together

Plastic table covers have become popular utility items used for special occasions like parties and get-togethers. Plastic table covers not only add a fun element to the party but also help in keeping the tables clean. There are several different types of plastic table covers available in the market. These plastic table covers are available in different shapes, colors and styles and printed plastic table covers are among the popular types that are available in the market.

At factory direct party you can surely find a table cover that complements the occasion that you are celebrating. Whether it is a birthday party or a wedding or an anniversary celebration we have something for all occasions. You can easily choose from our huge selection of printed plastic table covers. Our popular designs include floral patterns and gold and silver star designs among others. You can easily browse through the online catalogue and select a table cover that matches the occasion and complements with your tableware. At factory direct party you are not only assured of getting high quality materials but you can get them at factory prices. With a suitable printed plastic table cover your party, get-together or celebration is bound to be a huge hit.

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Schwinn Windwood Men's Bike:A wonder bike

Road bikes are all over the place, but finding the right bike needs some research. Studying about the bike and considering its pros and cons are important to get hold of the best road bike in the market. While buying a bike three things have to be considered, what material the bike is made of, the quality of the components and geometry of the bike. Once these three are aspects are good then paying up for the bike is a wise decision. Bike frames can be made of four material aluminum, carbon, fiber and steel, titanium is also in vogue these days but are not found commonly. All the materials are reliable and it is up to the manufacturer to choose a material for their bikes and the bike riders pick a material they feel comfortable to hold on to.

Schwinn Windwood Men’s bike is the best road bike. The frame is made of steel and is highly comfortable to ride on. Steel is around for many years and it gives a smooth feel. The material is vibrant. The sturdiness of the metal is worth the money spent. Though steel is pricey it is still the most preferred for bike riders. Steel is a bit heavier than aluminum yet it is a rider’s choice. The customer after considering the frame material then moves on to the geometry of the bike. The length of the frame and the angles are important for the bike. The frame angle and length determines the performance of the bike.

The geometry of the bike establishes the type of the bike, a touring bike has a longer wheelbase, less acute head, high fork rate and angled seat tubes. The touring bike is not just comfortable but smooth and stable. Even long distances can be driven with much ease. Commuting becomes a pleasure. The next aspect to check is the brakes, wheels and derailleurs. The quality of the bikes depends on how these components are designed and fixed. For better riding these parts have to be designed perfectly. The finish has to be fine. For longer and better performance the accessories of the bike plays an important role. The shifting of gears should be smooth and only a quality product can ensure this performance.

Once you are sure of what to look for in the bike, the next step is where to buy the bike. The place you buy the bike should be reputed, with good customer service and after sales service. Research and find out where you would get the best price for the bike you choose. A bike is a long term purchase and therefore it becomes important to completely research before making a decision. Test driving a Schwinn Windwood bike could help you finalize the deal. The feel and fit of the bike has to be checked. Not all bikes are comfortable for everyone, therefore it is important to choose the right bike for your needs. Combining budget with a suitable bike for your personal needs should determine your purchase. You may also want to read this article on Schwinn Meridian tricycle.


The Schwinn Loop 7 speed bike is the bike to possess if you are facing acute shortage of space at home. This perfect city bike saves you a lot of space by folding away easily for easy storage when you are not using it, and unfolds readily when you need to scoot around town. This bike has a low stand over alloy frame and happens to be pretty strong and extremely durable. The Schwinn Loop 7 is just what you need to run around on errands, for commuting and for riding just for the sheer pleasure of it.

The Schwinn Loop offers extreme comfort and convenience, and also sports a built in rear carrier to enable you to strap a bag or basket. The bike is set to 7 speeds and is also equipped with a 3 piece single sped crank set, so that the bike shifts speeds smoothly and reliably.
The bike has 20 inch alloy rims and city tires that are just perfect for road riding. What’s more, the front and rear fenders protect your clothing and other belongings from being dirtied by road spray and other debris. As with other Schwinn bikes, the alloy front and linear pull brakes enable speed control and precise stopping to ensure safe riding. This folding bike comes fully equipped with a heavy gauge nylon carry bag which facilitates easy travel and storage.

Schwinn continues to rule the roost in the manufacture of quality bikes. In fact, Schwinn is synonymous with great quality, dedication and commitment to perfection and remains America’s most famous bicycle brand ever.

Here, at a glance is the Schwinn Loop‘s product specifications.

· The Schwinn Loop has a low stand over alloy frame.
· It is fitted with front and rear linear alloy pull brakes.
· The Loop has 20 inch alloy rims and city tires.
· It is fitted with three piece single speed crank set.
· The Schwinn Loop has built in rear carrier, front and rear fenders.
· Comes with heavy gauge nylon carrying bag.

The brakes work extremely well and the bike has easy maneuverability.The heavy frame protects the bikes from bends when transporting. It even has a derailleur guard to protect the bike from getting bumped. The seat and handle bars are of extremely good quality. The Loop is indeed a good fun bike to possess. Even though it looks cute, it can never be considered as a toy, since it is very stable and durable and can also be folded easily. The Loop is indeed a novelty due to its sleek and attractive appearance. Best of all, it is priced just right and makes it a viable choice for commuters and pleasure bikers alike.


The brand name Schwinn is synonymous with quality and innovation. For a long time, the company has designed and manufactured some of the best known and best loved bikes for multiple generations. Even to this day, Schwinn continues to innovate and create bikes with absolute dedication to quality.

The elegant and classy Schwinn Windwood Women’s 26 inch bike brings to mind the simple grace and style of traditional bicycles. It’s a great choice for women who need to quickly cruise down to the store, the beach or anywhere around the city or town. This bike is mainly designed for easy and relaxed riding. The Schwinn Windwood 26 inch women’s bike is fitted with a sturdy steel frame with a low stand over height and this makes it very easy for a lady to get on and off the bike.

The rust proof 26 hole alloy rims and rear coaster brakes allow you to stop when needed. Anyone with a passion for riding would appreciate the classic chrome fender and rear storage racks. The Schwinn Windwood is equipped with a comfortable wide spring saddle, single speed design, pneumatic tires and curved back handle bars.

Here are the Schwinn Windwood 26-inch women’s bike’s features in a nutshell.

· This is a 26 inch women’s cruiser bike with a steel frame.
· It has easy to use rear coaster brakes.
· The rigid fork increases the response of the bike.
· It has rust proof 36 hole alloy rims and is set to single speed.
· The bike includes a rear rack for carrying belongings

Women bikers just love this bike for its nice wide cushy seat which allows them to sit upright and embark on a leisurely ride and not be having to sit hunkered over the handle bars. It is very much a quality, heavy duty bike with wide tires.

Furthermore, this Schwinn Windwood 26 inch women’s bike can be assembled easily in just under forty five minutes. It comes fitted with an adorable wicker basket and ball, and is easily the owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy! It is indeed a lovely way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

If you are on the lookout for durability, sturdiness and a bargain buy, this Schwinn Windwood 26-inch women’s bike is the best choice. It is expertly designed for an easy and relaxed ride with solid steel frames and low stand over height. This makes it easy to get on and off the bike with minimum effort. The Schwinn Windwood 26-inch women’s bike is a great choice to gift to your lady love , and hop on to your respective bikes and ride off into the great outdoors to enjoy a weekend of peace and exclusivity! Now, also read this article on Schwinn meridian adult 26-inch 3-wheel bike


Pacific cycles lead the industry in manufacturing innovative mountain bikes. These bikes have a tough steel frame and font and rear suspension which provides a smooth ride, wherever you may wish to commute to.

The Pacific Chromium 26-inch men’s bike’s steel suspension frame maximizes on comfort and performance. The suspension fork smoothen out the bumps and increases control. The Torque drive twist shifter changes gears easily and of course, the steel linear pull brakes stop precisely when needed. The three piece crank offers wide gear change options and the steel wheels enable control and durability. The Pacific Chromium bike comes in elegant shades of grey and white finish.

You can rely on Pacific Chromium to provide you with a smooth ride, whether it is on back country trails or on urban bike paths. Ride through 18 speeds swiftly and efficiently with the able assistance of the Torque Drive twist shifters. Allow yourself to fly downhill, letting the suspension soak up every hard bump as you ride along, and stop when needed with steel linear pull brakes.
Here are the Pacific Chromium’s features in a nutshell
The Pacific Chromium has a steel suspension frame which optimizes on comfort and performance.
It is equipped with suspension fork which irons out the bumps and increases control
The amazing Torque drive twist shifter helps in changing glass easily
The 18 speed torque drive rear derailleur enables easy shifting
Of course, the steel linear pull brakes stop precisely when needed.
The bike is fitted with a three piece MTB crank which provides for wide gear change options
The steel wheels exercise control and ensures durability.

The Pacific Chromium has a steel kickstand as well as a steel nutted front and rear hubs. Other features include the headset which is made of one inch steel that is threaded and seats are padded MTB saddle type, promising absolute comfort. The Pacific Chromium comes with two year manufacturer’s warranty. The extra wide tires help roll smoothly over pavements and grass alike.
The Pacific Chromium being a Pacific cycle, you can be sure that it is made of quality components. This bike promises years of adventure rides ahead. Its myriad features, while promising a smooth and safe ride, also give you the chance to possess the coolest bike in town.

Cruise along country roads, swerve around cars in the city, or hurtle down mountain roads- all this just proves how durable Pacific Chromium bike can be. Sporting a multi speed thumb shifter, high tensile steel frame and wheels, the Pacific Chromium is just the one for people who want to literally live on bikes and ride around on every occasion.

Bike off on long country roads, and be assured that this is the best way to good health and also, to be in harmonious commune with nature. You may also want to go through this post on 26-inch Schwinn High Timber Mens Mountain Bike.

Schwinn High Timber men's Bike – A super bike

Looking for a men’s bike is sure going to be challenging but there is help on the internet. There are men specific bike whether it is on road or off road. Frame and design comes into play while selecting a men’s bike. The bars have to be closer to the body for a lady’s bike. The bars have to be further back and higher up. There should be an upward slope in the extension part. Next comes the width of the handlebar, the width should be relative to the shoulder and this is the standard rule for both off road and on road bikes. men who are 5’.5" should try a 23" MTB bar. This can offer a great grip to the user.

Remember that men’s bikes are not just about pink color and fancy baskets. It is something more than that as comfort is the primary factor. Though the bike says men’s bike it is important to test drive the bike so that it is comfortable while riding a bike. Compare various models and then come to a conclusion. Never attempt to buy a bike that is not designed for your body. For road bikes it is best to have dropped handlebars. For ride trials get a low straight bar. Hybrid handle bars force you to sit upright while you ride a bike.

But most men prefer dropped handlebars as they are comfortable to ride. men find multiple handlebar comfortable for the simple reason they can sit in any position while riding a bike. With such handlebars the control is better and the efficiency of the bike also improves. Seat also plays an important role while selecting a bike. The saddle has to be designed especially for men. Buy a bike that comes with a thin racing saddle that ensures better biking. Cranks also should suit the length of the biker’s leg. 175 mm crank is better on big bikes and 170 mm on small bikes.

Schwinn high timber men’s 26" mountain bike is best for daily riding too. The bike comes with a 21 speed Shimano drive train and a durable steel frame. The bike is an all terrain bike and hence can be used under any road conditions. SR suntour suspension fork ensures its smooth riding even on hard trails. Alloy brakes and levers takes care of firm stopping when brakes are applied. The SRAM grip shift index shifter and Mozo M 30 suspension fork are worth a mention for it adds performance to the bike. All this makes this men’s bike a super bike.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


If you are on the lookout for a bike that you can use to commute, as well as provide you with great exercise, then the Schwinn Volare 700 c road bicycle is the right one for you. It is constructed with great quality Schwinn parts and is also equipped with a Shimano 21 speed derailleur. The Schwinn Volare is built for providing long lasting comfort and convenience on the road.
The Schwinn Volare’s aluminum flat bar road frame is extremely lightweight and very easy to maneuver as well. The 700 c tires provide maximum speed and stability on the road.

The Schwinn Volare’s Shimano 21 speed derailleur equipped with EF-29 shifters facilitates great speed control and allows the rider to bike along steep inclines without much strain. The shifters are easy to use, smooth and steady. This bike is just great if you are learning on how to maximize your gear usage. The front and rear Promax alloy linear pull brakes are extremely responsive and strong, enabling the rider to stop suddenly and also to maintain an even speed as they coast along.

The Schwinn Volare has an 18 inch frame and a 27.75 inch stand over height, which means that this bike is most suitable for riders who are really tall! This bike doubles up as both a commuting vehicle as well as a bike to be used for leisure and exercise.

Founded in the year 1895, Schwinn has always been synonymous with quality and innovation. With steadfast dedication to quality, Schwinn looks forward to providing yet another century of innovative freedom and performance to all, regardless of age.

Here are the Schwinn Volare’s features at a glance.

· The bike has Schwinn aluminum flat bar road frame.
· It is equipped with Shimano TX-50 rear derailleur and Shimano 21 speed EF-29 shifters.
· Fitted with Schwinn road fork
· Has Promax alloy linear pull brakes
· Sun tour alloy 28/38.48tcrank

The frame is at 18 inches and the stand over height of the Schwinn Volare is at 27.75 inches. The wheels span 700 c and the frame type is flat bar road. The frame material used on the Volare is aluminum. The Schwinn 700 c men’s Volare bike with 21 speeds is perfect for those wanting to embark on biking adventures.

The Schwinn Volare is an inexpensive bike which doubles up as both an exercise bike as well as one used for commuting. It can be easily assembled as well. With spiraling costs of fuel, the Schwinn Volare pays for itself within just a few months of purchasing it. Riders agree unanimously that this is a very light weight and highly durable bike. The Schwinn Volare also comes with extra long reflectors attached to the wheel spokes which adds an extra nice touch to it. The 700 c tires are great quality ones which roll well and are easier to get moving on these tires than on at mountain or hybrid bike tires.

The gears shift smoothly enough and for the price paid for the bike, you get great value as well as a wonderful riding experience!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Plastic Table Covers & Skirts

As the name suggests, a table cover is pretty garment that enhances the beauty of a table.
They are used to wrap the edge of the table, and leave the top portion of the table uncovered. A table cover is chosen in keeping with the décor of the dining room and adds glamour and class to the entire room.

table covers are ornamental skirts used to hide table legs and other disorderly places during some occasion when guests are coming in. These skirts help in concealing clutter and offer quick solutions to storage issues.

Plastic table covers are of two types mainly. One is the pleated tablecloth and the other is the shirred variety. These two types come in many shapes, sizes, patterns, colors and fabrics.

We will start with a brief on how to use a table cover –

Plastic table covers are used either for small dining tables or for huge banquet tables. For small tables, you can use the same pattern for the tablecloth and the table cover. This you can do by fine-tuning the length of the fabric so that it reaches the floor. However, for a banquet table, you should use a separate table cover and the tablecloth should only cover the top edge of the table cover. This will hide the table legs and look elegant during the buffet sessions. You can use banquet table covers for other table sizes as well if you find a suitable one for your table.

In this article, we will give you some useful tips on making your own banquet table cover –

First, measure the height of your table, and then add three inches for the hem, and overhang. Next measure the perimeter of the table you wish to skirt. It will help to note that table covering is often run in lengths to surround a common table size.

The choice of fabric is crucial for making a beautiful table cover. So choose your fabric carefully and try options like linen, cotton, poplin, poly silk, poly linen, and satin as they hang and drape well.

Now cut the fabric and sew a 1/2-inch hem on all sides. Then turn the fabric face side down and cut the cording to a length of 30 yards. Sew a zig zag stitch on the cording 2-inches from the top edge of the fabric.

Finally wrap the table cover around the table, coil the excess cord in to a loop, and attach it to the back of your skirt. This will help you to use the skirt artistically for tables of other sizes as well.

You may use table-skirting clips to attach the skirt to the table. You may then cover the table with plastic tablecloths that will hide the clips.

Things to consider before buying a baseball Macgregor batting tee

Batting tees are among the vital training tools for baseball and softball as they help players in learning the nuances of ball hitting. Since it is an essential baseball training accessory, many sports equipment manufactures have come up with their own style of batting tee to enable players and coaches to choose an ideal tee. Tees in general are classified into two types; concept and functionality, in which concept tees offers more function apart from what functionality tee offer, the former can fix things related to swing.

The product innovation has brought in many changes in batting tees, making them more efficient. They are now lightweight for easy portability without any assistance, compact for convenient storage and simple to assemble too. But they do differ in certain criteria, say cost, durability, and functionality (or concept). Speaking about their durability, no batting tees are made to last longer, no matter they are made from PVC, polyurethane, or rubber. They tend to break while practising swings.

Then about their cost, batting tees are available in a wide price range, some costing as high as $100, but higher the money paid more durable they are than other less expensive tees. So, most professional baseball team and college teams go in for those high-priced tees to stay away from the task of buying a batting tee quiet often.

Coming to functionality, a Macgregor batting tee that is capable of fixing the flaws in swing mechanics along with the other basic functionalities is a wise choice, and hence concept tees are an ideal pick for optimal training.

Before settling for a batting tee, there are few things that baseball/softball players and coaches need to be aware of. Primarily, they need to be sure of what do they expect from the tee, next is if is just for functionality or to improve their swing mechanics. Also, they need to see if they be able to fix the flaws without the tool, if not can be tool be of great help to them in overcoming this issue? If found answers all these puzzles, buying in batting tee don't cost much of their time and money with most of the retail and online sports supply stores stocking a wide variety of batting tees from various manufacturers. Macgregor batting tee, SSG/BSN batting tee, and Schutt baseball tee are few among the options available in sports stores to choose from.

Making the Most of Biking With Schwinn Lakeshore

Tired of dealing with stress at work or the monotony of a eight hour day? Tired of starting vigorous diet plans and never making it beyond the first week? Tired of giving up weight loss resolutions since you never stick to your regime? Most of us are sure to answer in the positive to these questions. Well having a hobby is a great way deal with all of these issues, and having a sports activity as a hobby is a surefire way of tacking these head on. Consider biking.

Bicycling offers a great workout for lungs and the heart and unlike aerobics will not pump up energy levels to the danger mark. You can cruise on your bike. It offers a great alternative to a monotonous routine at the gym and a guaranteed weight loss step as well. And once you start biking regularly you are sure to consume lots of water since you would sweat and dehydration is certainly not something you want to encourage.

Besides all these benefits a rider also learns life skills like endurance, discipline, focus and practical skills such as repairing broken bike parts and surviving on limited resources in the eventuality of losing way in the wilderness or remote terrain. As in other parts of the world, both young and old in India are taking to biking with a vengeance and the huge turnout at cyclothons is a testimony to this fact. Cyclothons have become a popular method to create awareness on social causes as also promote the importance of living healthy.

Interestingly biking is no longer the preserve of men, whether biking on city roads or mountain biking a growing number of women are finding out the benefits of taking up bicycling. Manufacturers have recognised this and come up with models that are specifically targeted at women. Aesthetic appeal, a lighter frame, features like a basket up front and tyres that give good traction are some of the differentiators that bike manufactures are trying to provide. Of course cost is also an important element.

The Schwinn Lakeshore Women’s bikes are one such great example of women-friendly machinery. These bikes are comfortable, durable, great looking and very affordable. This bike offers a great riding position giving the rider comfort, an alloy bar to ride the bike in an upright position and fast and easy gears.
The Schwinn Lakeshore bike also has the classic Schwinn quality pad cruiser for a soft ride and its traditional rear rack. The cool seat feature lets you release the seat quickly and adjustable set height. If you are a woman and looking to start off on the road to fitness look no further and invest in a bike today.

Mongoose Slyde - A Perfect Bike For you Lil Girl

What can be better than getting your kid start functioning independently with help of a bike? A bicycle gives a sense of freedom and responsibility. Careening down roads with legs off the pedal and a resounding yell, most of us treasure images like this and have fond associations of a carefree childhood. Truly a bike and childhood are so intertwined.

Whether a boy or a girl kids in general love to bicycle but getting them started safely is up to the parent. Several bicycle manufacturers including Mongoose and BMX have bikes that are specifically designed for children. The Mongoose Slyde 20" Girl’s bike for instance is a freestyle bike specially made for girls of ages six to twelve.

Naturally the first thing that is sure to appeal to a young girl is the color. The Mongoose Slyde 20" is available in pink and white. The bike is outfitted with a handcrafted, high-tensile Oval Tube steel freestyle frame and a Hi-Ten fork, giving riders nice control whether riding on trails or the street. The bike also includes sure-stopping front and rear caliper brakes and extra-wide 2-inch tires that roll smoothly over both pavement and grass.

Other features include two-piece freestyle bars with an alloy stem, 48-spoke alloy rims, an adjustable quick-release seat, 20-inch wheels, and a one-piece crank with a 44t stamped ring. Of course young girls are as adventurous as boys and prone to having accidents as well. The manufacturers have thoughtfully provided a one-year warranty on the bike.

To ensure that a child can safely ride the bike over any terrain, the Mongoose Slyde is fitted with extra-wide 2-inch tires that will roll smoothly over most terrain. When one is buying bikes from reputed manufacturers such as Mongoose bikes, a discerning parent is assured of features guaranteed to provide a safe and long biking experience.

The manufacturers have an interesting history too. Mongoose bikes was launched from a humble garage. They manufactured the first of its kind BMX bicycle , which was named after bicycle motorcross and designed for the needs of the dirt bike racing fraternity. Rough and ready these bikes went on to become very popular. Mongoose continues to dominate the cruiser racing circuit.

Bicycle stunts are a part of any kid’s biking routine and even if it means getting injured kids will persist in turning a trick on their bike. Mongoose is well aware of this and all its bikes are designed to allow kids give reign to their imagination and yet ride safe. Buying these sort of bikes is a sure and safe way to help your little girl make the most of growing up.

Cycling becomes the Best Exercise with Pacific Chromium

Exercise is a vital component of a healthy life. Not only is it needed to maintain a perfect sculpted body, it is an essential requirement to keep body organs in functionally fit conditions at all times. While the benefits of a good exercise regime are not lost on anyone, time is always a problem. In the fast paced busy life of a city dweller, it is extremely difficult to find time for a dedicated intrinsic exercise regimen. Yet all is not lost.

Exercising need not always mean sweating it out on a treadmill or pumping heavy iron in a gym. Workout can be included in our daily activities and hobbies. For some a simple brisk walk does the trick. For others, a cycle ride down the neighborhood is enough to burn those calories.

Cycling, particularly for men, is an excellent form of exercise, that benefits not just the body, but the mind and the soul too.

Cycles these days come in varied varieties, each enhancing rider comfort and aiding in rider fitness. The Pacific Chromium women's Bike for example, features a tough steel frame and front and rear suspension that provides a smooth and reliable ride, no matter where you find yourself. Steel suspension frame maximizes comfort and performance Suspension fork makes it less bumpy and increases control. Torque Drive twist shifter changes gears easily 18-Speeds with rear derailleur for easy shifting steel linear pull brakes stop precisely. This bike features a tough steel suspension frame and fork that provide a smooth and reliable ride wherever you find yourself, from back-country trails to urban bike paths. Shift through 18 speeds quickly and efficiently with the assistance of Torque Drive twist shifters. Fly down hills letting the suspension soak up every bump along the way and stop on a dime with steel linear pull brakes. This bike has all the features you need to tackle the trails.

Biking on one a cycle such as the Pacific Chromium is a wholesome form of exercise. It strengthens the leg and hip muscles, as well as the lower back an spine. It burns amazingly high number of calories in very less time, and is also a perfect means to keep the heart in fighting fit shape. For those who keep escaping exercise in the name of not having time or space, cycling is the perfect start on to the path to a healthy lifestyle. With the right pair of wheels, a healthy you is just a few pedals away.

Body Solid Home Gym - Get Started on the Path To Fitness

Most of us at one point in time have surely paid our gym membership fee only never to set foot into a gym again. This could be for a myriad of reasons including an extremely hectic work schedule, long work hours and the obvious reason-laziness. Whatever the excuse, people find out better ways of getting out of a workout instead of sticking to one.

Given the sedentary lifestyle and junk-piled eating habits it can never be stressed often enough, getting a modicum of physical activity is the key to a healthy and long life. So if going to the gym is way too painful have you given a thought to bringing the gym home. Like the saying goes: If the mountain won’t come to Mahomet then Mahomet needs to go to the mountain.

What it means is this, invest and install a Body Solid home gym allowing you to exercise at your own pace and leisure. Unlike earlier days, getting a body solid home gym is easy thanks to the multi function gym units, home treadmills and other equipments available on the market that exclusively cater to the home user. Not only are these equipments compact they are also competitively priced and come with good after-sales service and warranties.

While buying equipment for a body solid home gym opt for machines that can give you workouts for various parts of the body including biceps, triceps, abs, pectoral and pelvic muscles without having to install too many gadgets. Also go in for a machine that is compact and will not eat up into space. Look for a solid unit that will last you several years and is built for a vigorous workout. You never know when you may progress from a once-a-week routine to a daily grind.

Another good test to find out if the equipment is right for a body solid home gym is testing it for weight resistance. There should not be sway in the frame when you push it. The weight stack allows for 215 pounds of resistance-enough for almost any serious lifter. The main station needs to have an orthopedically designed seat that will be comfortable and functional. Having a fully adjustable seat will help you exercise better in different positions without hurting your back.

Always check out the ergonomics of the seat such that if the seat is adjusted in any angle your posture and back or spine is not affected. The seat should also allow you to perform a variety of standing exercises including squats, cable crossovers and more. So don’t procrastinate and invest in a body solid home gym today.

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The Schwinn Hinge Single Speed Bike

The Schwinn Hinge Single speed steel frame folding bike is just right for commuting to work. It has a blue frame and comes with a folding steering column with integrated handle bars. In fact, this bike has a low stand over folding frame. It is well equipped with front and rear alloy linear pull brakes which stops precisely when required.

This bike, as its name suggests, is a single speed bike. It is equipped with a three piece single speed crank set with outer chain guards. The Schwinn Hinge bike has alloy rims and city tires, front and rear fenders and an attractive rack and carry bag at the rear.

Even though single speed Schwinn bikes are just great for commuting, it is not always easy to accommodate into small apartments, homes, vehicles or offices. But, the Schwinn Hinge is your best bet for commuting as it can be folded compactly for easy storage in a large closet or a sizable garage.

The Schwinn Hinge has features such as a low stand over frame, an ATB rigid fork, an alloy front and rear linear pull brakes; and of course, this bike performs as smoothly as any other bike used for commuting purposes.

The Schwinn Hinge is absolutely comfortable to ride on since it has easily adjustable seat posts and high handle bars. Riders are happy about having a rear rack, which enables them to latch a bag or any other gear to the bike.

Here are the Schwinn Hinge’s features at a glance.

· The Schwinn Hinge has a low stand over folding frame.
· It is equipped with full wrap front and rear fenders.
· Rear carrier is included for additional luggage space.
· A nylon carrying bag is thrown in for storage and easy carrying of goods.
· The bike has folding pedals and stem

This is a typical adult bike and can b e used by both men and women alike. The Schwinn Hinge comes in an attractive electric blue hue that is sure to magnetize and enchant onlookers. The bike comes along with a yearlong warranty.

The Schwinn is very convenient as it can be folded easily and doesn’t have complicated gears to operate. The Schwinn Hinge is perfectly suited for riding around on campuses, parks, around town and for all short distance commuting. All Schwinn Hinge folding bike riders do opine unanimously that, this bike definitely has a decided advantage over others since it can easily be stored indoors as well as be carried around in the trunk of a car. This makes it definitely more versatile than other bikes.


The Schwinn Miramar 26-inch bike sports a steel cruiser frame which enables a very comfortable riding position. It is equipped with a cruiser bar with alloy stem for maintaining an upright position. The SRAM Grip shift shifter is best for fast and easy gear changes. This amazing bike is set to seven speeds with Shimano TZ rear derailleur for quick shifts in speed while riding.

Furthermore, the alloy linear pull brakes stop precisely when it needs to. The alloy rims facilitate easy rolling and the elegant Schwinn quality padded cruiser saddle softens the ride effectively. The bike is even fitted with a classic rear rack for convenience.

This bike can be used as an excellent exercise bike as well, for riding around the neighborhood. The design and quality of this Schwinn Miramar 26-inch bike is superb and its shifter and suspension facilitates a very comfortable ride.

A person buying it need not expend much time on assembling it and the bike can be put together expertly in just about forty minutes. The most interesting aspect of this bike is the accuracy with which its shifting mechanisms have been put in place. The entire bike is made of high quality steel and the seat too is very comfortably placed. The Schwinn Miramar 26-inch bike is just right for both the beginner, as well as for a big, tall and strapping rider.

The front shocks and seat springs of this bike enable it to be taken off roads with perfect ease. Since it shifts pretty easily, it is very comfortable for even a big built rider. This bike is just great for riding on streets or on dirt roads and trails and even on trails strewn with rocks and roots.
The Schwinn Miramar 26" bike is one, where style meets comfort and performance. It is a perfect alternative to the traditional mountain bike. The Miramar is equipped with comfortable seats, enabling easy up right position and has smooth trend tires which are ideal for the road as well as the local bike pathways.

To sum up, here are the bike’s amazing features at a glance.

· The Schwinn Miramar has a powder coated steel frame that is durable and rust resistant.
· It sports a Schwinn steel comfort tuned frame.
· The bike is equipped with an SR M2000 N suspension fork.
· The Schwinn Miramar is equipped with 21 speed SRAM grip shift.
· Comfort riser handle bar and alloy adjustable stem
· Alloy front and rear linear pull brakes with dependable stopping power.
· Suntour alloy crank set
· The Schwinn Miramar sports 26" wheels with rust proof 36 hole alloy rims
· Suspension seat post
· This bike can be ridden by any adult
· Comes in soothing grey tones
· The bike has a five year manufacturer’s warranty
Hop on to the Schwinn Miramar 26" bike, cruise down to the beach with friends and bring back unbridled joy and smiles of bygone days.
You may want to check out this press release on Schwinn Meridian.

Mongoose Bikes - Trick or Treat

Bicycle stunts are not a part of celluloid alone. Biking events that showcase stunts on bicycles and feats of daredevilry are very popular. The shortness of breath and the adrenalin rush one gets in watching these stunts are inexplicable. Mongoose bikes are a brand closely associated with performance bikes and are considered one of the best brands to buy. It has become a very popular and sought-after brands when it comes to extreme biking and racing cycles and performing trick stunts on bicycles.

The Mongoose BMX brand is owned by Dorel Industries which is based out of Madison, Wisconsin. The company is very well-known as a bicycle manufacturer of the Mongoose BMX brand as well as street and mountain bicycles using lightweight alloys and magnesium. Dirt biking has a cult following just like the Mongoose BMX brand which is considered the best in the industry. Finding Mongoose BMX bikes for sale is easy thanks to the Internet and online shopping.

However buying Mongoose bikes that are up for sale will be better-served if the bike enthusiast understands something of the company’s history and the reason for its enviable reputation. The brand dates back to 1974 when Skip Hess started his own firm out of his California home. The popularity of the Mongoose bikes prompted Hess to move homes to accommodate the rapid growth and finally the company built a huge facility. The company merged with Pacific Cycle and since has been constantly innovating and expanding its geographical reach.

There are affordable models of the Mongoose bikes that are for sale at retailers such as Walmart, Target and other stores but the high-end model which are pricier are sold through the company’s website or specialty cycle stores. The popularity of the model also means that there are always Mongoose Bikes for sale.

Some of the Mongoose bikes for sale are specifically designed for experienced riders while there are others that make it a good buy for kids. Though they cost a lot these Mongoose bikes for sale have features that make it a great buy for beginners like front and rear alloy linear-pull brakes, a rigid steel fork and frame, low profile handlebars, grinding pegs, platform pedals and a free wheel hub.

People looking to buy Mongoose bikes for sale will find affordable bikes if they look hard enough and don’t aim to own the latest Mongoose BMX models. Now, also read about Mongoose Slyde bike.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


If you are a young woman with an adventurous streak, then the Mongoose Slyde 20" girl’s bike is just the one for you. This beautiful bike is well fitted with a handcrafted high tensile Oval Tube steel free style frame and a Hi Ten fork. This provides riders good control at all times, whether riding on trails or on the streets. The bike also has sure stopping front and rear caliper brakes plus extra wide two inch tires that facilitate smooth roll over pavements and grass.

The brake also comes with two piece free style bars with an alloy stem, 48-spoke alloy rims, an adjustable quick release seat, 20 inch wheels and a single piece crank with a 44t stamped ring. This sleek bike is designed especially for girls between the ages of 6 and 12 years and comes with a one year warranty.

To sum up the bike’s features,
It has a hand crafted oval tube steel free style frame.
Sure stopping front and rear caliber brakes
The bike is fitted with extra wide two inch tires that can roll smoothly over any terrain
This bike has adjustable, quick-release seat.
The bike comes with a one year warranty
It is designed exclusively for girls aged 6-12.

The Mongoose Slyde 20" Girl’s bike is a great gift for your little girl. It can be assembled in just ten minutes and girls simply love the color and design of this sleek Mongoose Slyde 20" girl's bike. It is extremely sturdy and safe as well.

This sleek bike has front free style pegs which allow little girls to perform stunts safely. And rest assured, the alloy caliper brakes at the front and rear help in providing clean stopping power at any time. There are bump guards that are fitted along with the jump saddle for providing good protection and comfort while riding. The alloy four bolt stem clamps the bars tightly making it absolutely safe for little girls to ride to their hearts content. And it comes in two attractive colors, both pink and white.

The Mongoose Slyde 20" girl’s bike is very sturdily built , so that it can hold up even a grown up adult, trying to get a quick spin on this sleek bike. It is built to last and has great color combinations. It is very easy for little girls to grow into, since this bike is highly adjustable and is of high quality. It always promises a smooth ride, is stable and of course, very trendy as well.
Now, read about mountain biking on Mongoose Maneuver bikes.

Mongoose Squid Unicycle – Fun for kids

Squid unicycles are fun to ride on. It is an absolute road rider that can make your road travel adventurous. The effortless ride on an unicycle can make travel a pleasure. Popular cycle brands offer squid unicycles and Mongoose is a reputed name among them. The unicycle has a padded seating arrangement that makes it comfortable for the rider to make their trotting experience enjoyable. The padded saddle offers unbelievable comfort. The inbuilt grab handle and bumper are added features in squid unicycle. The frame is designed in such a way that it can be locked securely with the help of a bike lock.

If you are a capable unicyclist then Mongoose Squid unicycle is the right bike for you. It has all the features to enjoy a distinctive ride. The trip around the city can become enjoyable. The unicycle comes with a 3 inch slick tire that is a great alternative for road travel. Some of the worthwhile features that need to be mentioned in a squid unicycle are the 20 inch wheel dimension and 36 spoke wheel. The 3 piece crank and pedals are of superlative quality and has reflectors as part of the product. Squid unicycles when used by young kids have to be assisted with a safety pad and helmet to ensure that the child does not get hurt while on the move.

When it comes to squid unicycle the features never seem to end. The back bumper ensures safety for the rider especially if he/she is a beginner. The frontage grab handle also is worth a mention. The bike has exceptional mechanism and is an apt sports bike. Safety gears not just like helmet and knee pads, even elbow pads, glove for a good grip are considered to be a safer option while on the move. Safety comes first and therefore it is best to use these gadgets for a hassle free ride. You can call a squid unicycle a show bike for the reason that its design is cool. The unicycle is comfortable to ride even during night time for its excellent steer control. So if you are planning for a town ride then squid unicycle is the best.

The four arm tentacle frame gives the squid unicycle a unique look. The frame stretches down from the seat to the hub. The unicycle is a great entertainment bike for kids. With their superior technology Mongoose has devised a great bike for kids. The bike gets an ‘A’ in all departments making it the most sought after bike. Always consider buying a Mongoose Squid Unicycle from top dealers or from reputed online sports equipment stores.

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Selectorized Body Solid Home Gym – Safe and secure exercising

Home Gyms are becoming popular as people experience paucity of time. Home gym comprises of exercise equipment that are ergonomically designed. Selectorized Body Solid home gym equipment are compact and does not use up much of room space. This means sitting inside the comforts of your house you can exercise. Home Gym is a great option for beginners as they look up to add muscles to their body. Body Solid is a type of home gym equipment that comes with weights that can be added according to the requirement of the user. Different weights can be stacked for best performance.

A home gym offers complete training starting from trimming, toning and strength training. Working for less than half an hour can work wonders to your muscles. Not only the weight stacks are adjustable but also the seat is adjustable, meaning people of varied heights can use Selectorized Body Solid Home Gym equipment without much difficulty. Hereafter no more tension of meeting your gym appointment, you can work at your convenience comfortably without having to worry about parking, travel woes, etc. Selectorized Lat Pull and Row machines, Arm curl and leg curl machines are highly popular Body Solid home gym equipment. There is whole lot of features available in Selectroized gym equipment. Apart from features the price is highly affordable.

Moreover home gym equipment is easy to assembly and hence can be pushed under the sofa or hidden inside the store room. The gym equipment will not take much of your working space. The equipment can be assembled while working out and then dismantled and placed in a corner. All Body Solid home gym equipment comes with an instruction manual that assists in assembling and dismantling. With a wide range of products available finding suitable and affordable products is easy online. Take the assistance of sports equipment online website and order the right home gym equipment. This is the fastest and hassle free way to order home gym equipment.

Some of the popularly used Body Solid home gym equipment consists of advanced engineering machines that take care of deep effective muscular interaction. There are complete Home Gym equipment that helps to tone the complete body by ensuring maximum muscular strength. Most of the home gym equipment fit perfectly fine against a wall. The structure is strong and the movement is noiseless making it comfortable to work on Body Solid home gym equipment. Using these equipment exercises can be performed for a longer duration as well as shorter time span depending on the personal needs of the user. The seating arrangement also is comfortably done to ensure a safe and secure exercising.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kettlebells for intense workouts

Kettlebells are in use for centuries but today they have gained immense popularity among fitness enthusiasts as workouts done with these tools, though short, are intense. They have proven to be a great fitness tool by being versatile and portable. They look like a cannon ball with a handle attached but benefits they offer are huge.

If losing weight or gaining muscle is your goal then a kettlebell is the ideal way to accomplish it. Developing fitness, getting energized and healthy, to enjoy all these benefits all you need to spend is 20 - 30 minutes working out with a kettlebell. And, you don't even need to go through the hassle of visiting a gym everyday as a kettlebell offers the same benefits at the comfort of your home. Great for strength and flexibility training too, this exercise tool is ideal for people of all ages and shapes. Improved stamina and whole body workout are the other benefits this tool has to offer you but at a very low cost.

Now, you know how best a kettlebell help with your fitness regime but you wonder what are the various options available and which is your ideal device. There are actually plenty with various sports equipment companies manufacturing a wide variety of kettlebells to suit individual needs. Check out the popular ones and decide which can be your best fitness companion.

Cast Iron Kettlebell from j/fit with a solid but smooth handle for better grip and finished layer of grey paint for optimal protection is worth adding to your home gym collection. It comes in four different weights, 30, 35, 40, and 50 lbs.

Champion Barbell's kettlebell is available in a multitude of weight ranging from 10 to 45 lbs (with an increment of 5 lbs between each weights). It serves multi-purposes like strength training, muscle coordination, and aerobic exercise, so it's absolutely a cost-effective fitness training aid.

From the house of Body Solid comes 5- 30 lbs Kettlebell Set, which can be seen most of the health clubs. The set includes 6 kettlebells, and you can perform squats, pulls, and rotational training with these tools.

10 lb. - 35 lb Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Set from XMark Fitness too is a good choice, it fits in your hand comfortably and the high-quality vinyl coating guarantees you of durability.

And the next choice you have is the Kor Kettleball from Power Systems, it well strengthens your core like any traditional kettlebell.

The choices doesn't end here, there is a galore of options out there in the market, visit a retail or an online sports store to know what are the other choices you have to choose from.

Schwinn Lakeshore bikes for all-day cruising

If a bike promises a comfortable all-day cruising, won't you give it a shot? Schwinn guarantees you of this comfort with its Lakeshore range of bikes. Their frames are built in a way to enable you to be seated in an upright position, so you don't feel the stress on back and shoulders even if you ride of extended hours. Adding to this benefit is a big suspension padded seat, which absorbs the impact of bumps and lets you stay comfortable while riding. Front and rear alloy linear brakes provide precise stopping of the vehicle when applied. Easy and quick gears changes are possible in these Schwinn bikes featuring the SRAM Grip shifter and a 7speed with Shimano TZ rear derailleur. Alloy rims assures not just easy rolling but also long service life with rust-proof quality. The integrated rear rack enables easy storage of essentials for a ride. Perfect for all-weather riding these Schwinn Lakeshore bikes require little assembling.

Mongoose Freestyle Bikes and their different types

Today, there are different kinds of bicycles available in the market, each serving varied needs of riders, and freestyle bikes are among the most popular bicycle types, which are mainly used by freestyle riders who love to perform stunts with a bicycle. There is an array of bike manufacturers across the world of which Mongoose is well-known for manufacturing superior-quality yet affordable freestyle bikes. The company has different range of freestyle bikes, lets take a look at those.

Diagram range of freestyle bicycles are the most expensive bikes from Mongoose as they are constructed using premium components. Frames for the front triangle and the fork steering tube are made using high-grade steel to withstand tough stunts and to eliminate any chances of corrosion. To ensure stability while performing stunts SNAFU Sanford tires are used and for rider safety Tektro FX340 brakes are used in this range of bikes. These bikes come in 20-inch frame size as standard and to enable fast, effortless tight cornering they have steep 74.5 degree head tube angle.

Article is another type of freestyle bikes from Mongoose and this range is similar to Diagram, except for few differences like Innova tires and poly carbon pedals.

Mongoose's Capture range of freestyle bikes has many high-end features to name a few are 3-piece cranks, mid-sized bottom bracket, rotor, pegs, and a sealed bearing. Those whole like have a signature riding style may find these Mongoose freestyle bikes very apt.

Next is Mongoose Subject freestyle bikes that feature high-tension steel frame and fork, which make them a reliable companion for freestyle riders. In this range of Mongoose bikes Rush SB900 Caliper front brake and SB933 alloy brake for rear are used to guarantee precise stopping. Their hubs and spokes are made of premium steel and so owners are guaranteed of high quality and performance. Alloy rims are used to ensure maintain the integrity of the wheel and users never get to experience rusting with these rims.

Finally, Pit Crew freestyle bikes are solid with 3-piece crankset for reliable performance. They don't have front brake, and alloy U-brakes are used on their rear. Like Subject, this range also have steel hubs and spokes, and Kenda tires are used in these bikes.

Among all these types of Mongoose bikes there are two things in common; a set of axle pegs and a Pro Rush brake rotor. So, decide which is your freestyle bike.

Pacific Exploit - Cushioned Comfort While Biking

Tired of the 9-5 grind and bored of going to movies and pubs every weekend. Why not try mountain biking. Communing with nature, fresh breeze wafting through as mile after mile passes by. These are some of the benefits of opting to go mountain biking. Not to forget the health angle. A great way to beat obesity, keep blood pressure and diabetes in control and get away from pollution. People are starting to choose mountain biking as a healthy option to city living. And the market has plenty of mountain bikes and all terrain bikes available for affordable prices.

The Pacific Exploit bike is a great option to explore. With features like an 18-speed drive train with twist shifters, vortex front suspension fork 3 and cushioned saddle seat the Pacific Exploit bike gives new meaning to easy riding. A rider can adjust cushioned saddle seat to get additional comfort. One of the complaints voiced by most mountain bikers is the uncomfortable seats which makes biking a painful (literally) affair. The Pacific Exploit bike has a cushioned saddle just right for people passionate about mountain biking and riding on rough terrain and bumpy trails. The twist shifter feature in the Pacific Exploit bike helps easy adjustment.

The unique feature of the Pacific Exploit bike is the versatility it offers to bikers wanting to take the bike on clean city roads and dirt paths in by-lanes of the countryside. The Pacific Exploit bike with its large tires, hill-friendly gears and upright position makes it an ideal bike for mountain biking, while these same features make it a safe bike to ride on city roads. The Pacific Exploit bike is designed for rugged trail as it has suspension forks along with all other great features that makes it a bikers dream.

The rugged looks gives it a sporty feel but the bike manufacturers have given due importance to making it stylized especially for women bikers. The Pacific Exploit bike for women provides an extra edge to take on bumpy trails. Equipped with a lightweight, hand-built, high-tensile steel tube frame and a Vortex front cross-country suspension fork, the Pacific Exploit bike delivers a smooth ride over rough terrain. It also gives you a better control over the bike due to the 18-speed twist shifters that lets a rider efficiently change gears. The Pacific Exploit bike’s feature include linear pull brakes, a three-piece crank set, an MTB riser handlebar and stem, and a sport saddle. The next time opportunity presents itself think mountain biking and take a chance to explore the adventurous side of life.

Specialty of Schwinn Midmoor Men's Hybrid Bikes

Schwinn Midmoor Men's Hybrid Bikes are really a good choice for those looking for bike that can be used for general utility purposes and commutation on all types of terrains. Like any other hybrid bikes, they combine features of a road bike and a mountain bike. As these Schwinn bikes are built with aluminum frames they are solid yet lightweight. For a smooth and comfortable riding experience, be it on paved road or uneven surface, they feature a suspension fork and a suspension seat post. The notable features of these Schwinn 700c bikes are the EasyFire 21-speed shifters and the Shimano rear derailleur, which guarantee users of optimal riding. The integrated adjustable stem, made of alloy, enables users to change the seating level as per their convenience. The 700c wheels with aluminum frames let users drive confidently in shallow mud as well. Alloy linear pull brakes for safety, padded saddle comfort, and swept-back handlebar are other remarkable feature of these Schwinn bikes.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mongoose Maneuver Bikes: Mountain Biking with a Difference

Mountain bikes, also known as All Terrain Bikes, come in various types – for both men as well as women. One of the most famous types of mountain bikes is the Mongoose Maneuver bike. This bike is specially designed for men who are interested in the sport of mountain biking.

The Mongoose Maneuver bike is designed to be lighter in weight, making it easy on the rider while riding on the rough surfaces of the mountain roads. The frame of the bike is composed of an alloy frame built with two suspensions (shock absorbers). The shock absorbers make sure that the rocks and the stones on the road surface do not cause any physical damage to the rider or to the cycle and give the rider a very comfortable ride.

The cycle comes in an attractive blue colour which is really striking against the background of the mountainous and the harsh route. The bike is also fitted with extra-gear changing equipments that will allow the rider to control his speed and movement even better on the tough road conditions.

There are pull brakes provided both at the front and the rear of the cycles to give a better braking facility to the riders. There are also three cranks provided to aid the rider better. The cost of this multi-equipped mountain bike is US$ 228.04.

With the help of quality cycles like the Mongoose Maneuver bike, a person can get the best possible thrill and excitement out of mountain biking, a sport that is adventurous, inspiring and at the same time highly enthusiasm-filled.

Mongoose Spark - A Bike For All Seasons

Many of us give up biking after school, only to realize later in life how much we miss it. Getting started on biking is like reliving those days of carefree fun. And a sporty and youthful men’s bike is the icing on the cake.

Take the Mongoose Spark 26 men’s bike for instance. This is a versatile bike that can be used for fitness, recreation as well as rough outdoor use. A steel frame and disc brakes make it a sturdy and safe bike. Chain guard and alloy wheels add value to it. Mongoose Spark 26 is also high on comfort. Quick release seat, adjustable seat height and other such features add to the rider’s pleasure. And that is not all. This bike also comes in attractive colors and a very sporty design that gives it a very youthful look and feel. A tough frame enables high intensity riding as well.

Biking is a good sport to indulge in. It not only helps you get back in to shape, it is beneficial in taking care of general health and wellbeing of an individual. Out hectic schedules leave us for little time for ourselves, leave alone recreation. Getting yourself a bike as versatile as the Mongoose Spark 26 is hence the best way to break out of the monotony and get on to the highway to fitness and health.

Mountain Biking; The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush with Pacific Chromium

Mountain biking can be a totally rewarding experience both mentally and physically. It provides a thorough workout of your heart, lungs, legs and upper body. This adventure sport has become extremely popular these days not only because of its adrenalin but the physical fitness quotient. This activity has become a stress buster as also a great way to reduce cholesterol, manage blood pressure and control obesity.

Starting off is easy. Mountain biking is addictive. Go at it alone, or in groups and riding clubs. Originating in Europe, mountain biking is in India happens in places with open and rough terrain, the Himalayas being one of the hot favorites. This extreme adventure sport is known the world over for some cool biking tricks and stunts.

Interestingly you do not need to make a huge investment to get started. A sporty and high on strength mountain bike is all one needs to get started. Pacific Chromium bike is one such available option. This dual suspension mountain bike is a mixture of quality output and comfort. It is specifically designed to ride on hilly areas.

Riding on a Pacific Chromium over rocks and through forests is sure to add a wonderful and exciting spice to life. So if you are looking for a sport that’s fun, mountain biking is made for you.

The Pacific Chromium bike

A multi-purpose bike that is just right for cruising along country roads, swerving around cars on city roads or hurtling down mountain roads, would be sure as hell fun to own. These types of bikes for easy riding and bumpy trails are built to last long. The Pacific Chromium bike is one of such kind. Equipped with multi-speed thumb shifter, high-tensile steel frame and wheels the Pacific Chromium bike is right for people who want to use their bike religiously.

The Pacific Chromium bike- going by the consumer reviews, is one of the most durable bikes which can be use on various terrains. With features like a durable steel suspension frame and wheels to enhance comfort and the performance of the biker, the Pacific Chromium bike gives a rider total control. Other smart features in the bike are its versatility that allows a rider to bike with ease on trails, pavements and rocky turf and multiple speed thumb shifter for easy shifting of gears. Interestingly, as in other mountain bikes the Pacific Chromium bike gives a three piece crank with a wide range of gears. The Pacific Chromium bike also has steel linear pull brakes that will help a rider to stop precisely.

An attractive and unique aspect of the Pacific Chromium bike is the mix of features that make it perfect as an all-terrain bike and an easy riding cruiser. Suitable for both sexes the Pacific Chromium bike is ideal for new converts to biking. This dual suspension mountain bike is manufactured with the assistance of good quality strong material. Its make is such that the Pacific Chromium bike will last for a long period. Light weight the Pacific Chromium bike is at a higher price point compared with other mountain bikes but its versatility as an all-in-one bike ideal for city and mountain roads make it a worthy purchase.

The dual suspension feature of the Pacific Chromium bike gives a relaxing riding experience. The positioning of the handle, which is closer to the seat provides support in riding this bike. The Pacific Chromium bike also has full suspension and 18-Speed Torque Drive along with extra-wide tires that roll smoothly over pavement or grass. Biking to health is a must in today’s stressful living with people plying junk food and piling on pounds. Taking to biking will keep obesity at bay, check blood pressure and hyper-tension and ensure a good cardio workout. Biking clubs are also a great way to make friends. Going off on long rides on country roads or biking early hours of the morning on city roads is the best way to commune with nature.

Schwinn Sidewinder 2.6 fs Bike

You immediately feel adrenalin rushing when you watch a mountain biker biking down rough rocky terrain, it is simply thrilling. There’s been rise in the demand of all terrain bikes as people are willing to take on more adventurous sports by the day. These bikes are manufactured in a way that it can provide complete control, comfort and grip while riding on any terrain. Technology has ensured that bikes meant for all terrain biking have good shock absorbers helping bikers to ride downhill or go cross country biking. The all-terrain bikes have specific functionality and refinements depending on the road it has been built for.

Women have also taken active participation in this sport or form of recreation and hence Schwinn for instance has bikes tailored for women in its mountain bike range. The Schwinn Sidewinder 2.6 fs Bike for instance is geared for women bikers and are available in attractive colours. The Schwinn Sidewinder 2.6 fs Bike is an all terrain with a hand-built trail-tuned steel frame and aluminum crown suspension fork. The Schwinn Sidewinder 2.6 fs Bike offers durability and shock-absorbing comfort. Perfect for on or off-road riding, the Schwinn Sidewinder 2.6 fs front and rear alloy linear pull brakes for sure-stopping power.

Besides these features the Schwinn Sidewinder 2.6 fs Bike also has quality sport saddle to ensure a comfortable ride. This model is also available for men with additional features including a sports saddle especially designed for comfort. The all terrain bike has disk brakes and rear wheel shocks for downhill riding while a cross country model is lighter with fewer parts. The Schwinn Sidewinder 2.6 fs Bike is basically a 26 inch mountain bike. The speed of these The Schwinn Sidewinder 2.6 fs Bikes are controlled with 21 smooth shifting gears, which helps in making the rides along the tough paths easy and fast.

Cyclists looking for comfort and not intensely passionate of mountain biking or all terrain prefer the lighter model. An all-terrain bicycle is characterized by the widest tires of all bicycle categories. The tires come in various threading patterns, from motocross patterns for off road conditions to slimmer patterns more suited for asphalted roads. Even the braking system used on mountain bikes is different making the all terrain bikes and mountain bikes more expensive than the normal models. The brake systems used on mountain bikes are either V-brakes or disk brakes. Mountain biking not only gives that adrenalin rush it also helps people get back in touch with nature away from the humdrum of everyday living.

Pacific Exploit - Make your bike ride a comfortable one

Mountain biking is a welcoming and refreshing recreational activity, it also a great way to break the monotony of a mundane day to day schedule. It is not a great form of exercise that all of us are in dire need of but also makes you feel fresh as waft through fresh air and almost commune with the nature. In recent times there’s been a rise in the demand of mountain bikes and all terrain bikes, and that is why today you would find a variety of them available at feasible rates.
One such bike which has caught the attention of many users is the Pacific Exploit bike; it is a great option to explore if you haven’t already done so. With essential features like an 18-speed drive train with twist shifters, vortex front suspension fork 3 and cushioned saddle seat the Pacific Exploit bike makes the riding easy and comforting, like one you have never experienced before. It also has adjustable cushioned saddle seat for additional comfort. Biking has been a painful affair (literally mostly because of the seat and for years bikers have complained about this. But this bike has got a cushioned saddle which is just what you need when you are riding a bike and especially on undulated terrains. The twist shifter feature of this bike helps in easy adjustment.

The best and unique feature of the Pacific Exploit bike is its versatility you can just about ride it anywhere on broad, smooth city roads and dirty paths or the by-lanes of a countryside. This bike with its big tires, user-friendly gears and cushioned saddle makes it an apt choice for mountain biking, while these features also make it absolutely safe to ride on city roads as well. Its suspension forks are strong and apt for rugged roads supported by the other features that make it a bikers dream.

If this wasn’t all the bike manufacturers have paid due attention in making it stylized especially for women bikers. The bikes that are designed for women have an extra edge to take on bumpy trails. Equipped with a lightweight, hand-built, high-tensile steel tube frame and a Vortex front cross-country suspension fork, the Pacific Exploit bike makes any ride smooth as butter. Because of the 18-speed twist shifters, that lets a rider efficiently change gears gives the user a complete control over the bike. Some of the other features are linear pull brakes, an MTB riser handlebar, a three-piece crank set, a sport saddle and stem.