Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Italian Murano glass paperweight

People enjoy giving and receiving gifts as these gifts can add an extra cheer to most celebrations and special events. Gifts can act as a reflection of your feelings for your near and dear ones. It is therefore important to ensure that the gifts are carefully chosen. Beautifully crafted glass items can be the perfect gift choice and Italian murano glass paperweights are unique items that can prove to be excellent gifts.

Italian Murano glass items are beautiful glass pieces that are shaped by artisans having years of training in this beautiful handicraft. Among the different Murano glass items Italian Murano glass paperweights have become popular items in offices and corporate world. These paperweights are not only classy but exquisitely beautiful and so are preferred for corporate gifting purposes. Glass panes composed of silica and sand are used to create these beautiful glass pieces.

What makes the Italian Murano glass paperweight and other items truly perfect is the beautiful design and impeccable technique of creating it. The artisans engaged in creating these glass items have years of experience and posses refined techniques. The Murano glass paperweights are available in beautiful colors and exquisite designs making them excellent collectibles. These paperweights can be particularly suitable gifts for those working in offices.

The Italian Murano glass paperweights are unique because they are carefully hand blown by artisans well trained in ancient glass blowing techniques. These glass blowing techniques are innovatively combined with precious metals to create intricately designed paperweights. The art of glass blowing was perfected in Muran which is an isle in the Venetian lagoon. This glass is particularly famous throughout the world for its brilliant colors and exceptional clarity. Italian Murano glass paperweights can really add a touch of elegance and beauty to the office decor. Since these paperweights are entirely made by hand they take considerable time and there may slight differences in color and size among the different pieces.

The process of creating these paperweights involves heating the glass which is followed by stretching. There are several different patterns available in these paperweights and the millefori pattern is quite popular. In this pattern the paperweights have 24 carat gold layering. Other patterns in the paperweights include those having geometric designs, floral and natural patterns embedded in the paperweight.

These paperweights have a size of 2.5" x 2.5" and they are available in traditional round shapes as well as square shapes. There are several online retailers that sell these Italian murano paperweights and the design, style and budget constraints are some factors that should be considered before buying these paperweights. For leather scrapbook, check out that site.

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