Monday, July 11, 2011

Schwinn Network 7 Speed Women's Bike – The offbeat bike

Schwinn bikes for women are found exclusively in the market and this can be determined by various factors. There are bikes for general riding and others for adventure riding. Depending on what type of bike would suit your style you can purchase a bike. Mountain bikes can be classified into free-ride, downhill or cross country. The most important factor to look out in these bikes is that it should have a durable frame that can last in the tough path. Wheels should be sturdy enough to handle dirt. Handlebars have to be exclusively designed to keep up with the bumps that are normally encountered while riding a bike.

Recumbent bike is specialized designed for the off beat tracks. They are sure to keep the rider comfortable and in a supine position. The bike is different from a normal bike. The handlebars are located just over the seat that comes towards the center of the vehicle. Which is the exclusive feature found in recumbent bikes. Of course we then have utility bikes that are designed for road travel especially in big cities. These schwinn bikes are made in such a way that it is easy to maneuver in the hussle and buzzle of the city traffic. These schwinn bikes are strong and can offer wider flexibility when compared to other type of bikes.

Suppose you want to go for a functional women’s bike for adventure then do not look for DMX or BMX. Cruiser, beach cruiser, single speed Schwinn network 7 bike are more than sufficient. Such Schwinn bikes are cheaper and are normally stocked in abundance at any departmental store. Cruiser style Schwinn bikes are basically enjoyable if it is meant to cruise the beaches and off beat tracks. The cruiser bikes are normally fitted with a sturdy steel frame, rigid fork, cruiser style handlebars that can give a smooth ride in all terrain.

Buying off beat women’s Schwinn midmoor bike needs a lot of research and just picking any bike would not solve the purpose. For this it is meant to pick the right bike that is specially designed to meet the demands of the track. A 7 speed SRAM grip shifter is all about convenient. The gears shift like a breeze. The rider can feel the smoothness while the gears are changed. The brakes are of linear alloy pull brakes that ensure sure stopping while riding a bike. The bike comes with a 26" wheel and free wheel hub with backward pedaling. A padded saddle is offered for great comfort. The chain guard ensures that you can pedal safely without getting hurt. Normally platform pedals are used.

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