Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dumbbells for strength training and much more!

If you wish to be on an intensive workout training then there are plenty of equipments available as workout machines are developed with new techniques quite often. Dumbbells have a long history, a type of dumbbell was used in ancient Greece and in India, a club-shaped weight training equipment was in use for more than a millennium. Today, different varieties of dumbbells are available, and they are categorized into fixed-weight, adjustable, and selectorized. Fixed-weight dumbbell is a weight designed in the shape of dumbbell, rubber dumbbell and cast iron dumbbell belong to this category and they are inexpensive. In adjustable dumbbells weights (plates) are added to the their outer portion and clips are used to secure these plates, collars too are used in some adjustable dumbbells for this purpose. Weights in selectorized dumbbells are added mechanically just by moving a selector pin or turning a dial.

Whatever be the type of dumbbell you have decided to use, you are sure to have an optimal fitness strength training. With this one piece equipment you can develop muscles, lose weight at a faster pace, and also enjoy benefits of cardiovascular workouts. Dumbbell is a very versatile tool, as you progress you can add on weights of your choice. Be it for single or bilateral arm exercises dumbbell is the right choice. Apart from arms, developing your chest, leg muscles, and other major muscle groups too are feasible with this weight training aid.

In order to increase strength for work you do or sports you engage in dumbbell is really a good tool. If body building is your passion then improve your muscle mass with this tool. Few exercises performed using dumbbells help you in stabilizing your body by strengthening your core. This tool is also good for burning excess fat, so it greatly helps with your weight lose regime.

Before you start your strength training with dumbbells doing warm ups and few stretching exercises is wise. This is to increase the flexibility of your muscles and to avoid injuries. Also, after the training session take a break, only then your muscles can easily cooperate with the next workout session. An ideal way of doing exercises with dumbbells is to include slow lift sets, quick lift sets and also a combination of slow and quick sets. But only training is not enough to increase your strength, your diet should include more protein-rich food and also intake carbohydrates as it gives you the needed energy and stamina. And, drink plenty of water, this is to wash away those toxin released while your workout.

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