Friday, July 1, 2011


The brand name Schwinn is synonymous with quality and innovation. For a long time, the company has designed and manufactured some of the best known and best loved bikes for multiple generations. Even to this day, Schwinn continues to innovate and create bikes with absolute dedication to quality.

The elegant and classy Schwinn Windwood Women’s 26 inch bike brings to mind the simple grace and style of traditional bicycles. It’s a great choice for women who need to quickly cruise down to the store, the beach or anywhere around the city or town. This bike is mainly designed for easy and relaxed riding. The Schwinn Windwood 26 inch women’s bike is fitted with a sturdy steel frame with a low stand over height and this makes it very easy for a lady to get on and off the bike.

The rust proof 26 hole alloy rims and rear coaster brakes allow you to stop when needed. Anyone with a passion for riding would appreciate the classic chrome fender and rear storage racks. The Schwinn Windwood is equipped with a comfortable wide spring saddle, single speed design, pneumatic tires and curved back handle bars.

Here are the Schwinn Windwood 26-inch women’s bike’s features in a nutshell.

· This is a 26 inch women’s cruiser bike with a steel frame.
· It has easy to use rear coaster brakes.
· The rigid fork increases the response of the bike.
· It has rust proof 36 hole alloy rims and is set to single speed.
· The bike includes a rear rack for carrying belongings

Women bikers just love this bike for its nice wide cushy seat which allows them to sit upright and embark on a leisurely ride and not be having to sit hunkered over the handle bars. It is very much a quality, heavy duty bike with wide tires.

Furthermore, this Schwinn Windwood 26 inch women’s bike can be assembled easily in just under forty five minutes. It comes fitted with an adorable wicker basket and ball, and is easily the owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy! It is indeed a lovely way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

If you are on the lookout for durability, sturdiness and a bargain buy, this Schwinn Windwood 26-inch women’s bike is the best choice. It is expertly designed for an easy and relaxed ride with solid steel frames and low stand over height. This makes it easy to get on and off the bike with minimum effort. The Schwinn Windwood 26-inch women’s bike is a great choice to gift to your lady love , and hop on to your respective bikes and ride off into the great outdoors to enjoy a weekend of peace and exclusivity! Now, also read this article on Schwinn meridian adult 26-inch 3-wheel bike

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