Friday, July 1, 2011


Pacific cycles lead the industry in manufacturing innovative mountain bikes. These bikes have a tough steel frame and font and rear suspension which provides a smooth ride, wherever you may wish to commute to.

The Pacific Chromium 26-inch men’s bike’s steel suspension frame maximizes on comfort and performance. The suspension fork smoothen out the bumps and increases control. The Torque drive twist shifter changes gears easily and of course, the steel linear pull brakes stop precisely when needed. The three piece crank offers wide gear change options and the steel wheels enable control and durability. The Pacific Chromium bike comes in elegant shades of grey and white finish.

You can rely on Pacific Chromium to provide you with a smooth ride, whether it is on back country trails or on urban bike paths. Ride through 18 speeds swiftly and efficiently with the able assistance of the Torque Drive twist shifters. Allow yourself to fly downhill, letting the suspension soak up every hard bump as you ride along, and stop when needed with steel linear pull brakes.
Here are the Pacific Chromium’s features in a nutshell
The Pacific Chromium has a steel suspension frame which optimizes on comfort and performance.
It is equipped with suspension fork which irons out the bumps and increases control
The amazing Torque drive twist shifter helps in changing glass easily
The 18 speed torque drive rear derailleur enables easy shifting
Of course, the steel linear pull brakes stop precisely when needed.
The bike is fitted with a three piece MTB crank which provides for wide gear change options
The steel wheels exercise control and ensures durability.

The Pacific Chromium has a steel kickstand as well as a steel nutted front and rear hubs. Other features include the headset which is made of one inch steel that is threaded and seats are padded MTB saddle type, promising absolute comfort. The Pacific Chromium comes with two year manufacturer’s warranty. The extra wide tires help roll smoothly over pavements and grass alike.
The Pacific Chromium being a Pacific cycle, you can be sure that it is made of quality components. This bike promises years of adventure rides ahead. Its myriad features, while promising a smooth and safe ride, also give you the chance to possess the coolest bike in town.

Cruise along country roads, swerve around cars in the city, or hurtle down mountain roads- all this just proves how durable Pacific Chromium bike can be. Sporting a multi speed thumb shifter, high tensile steel frame and wheels, the Pacific Chromium is just the one for people who want to literally live on bikes and ride around on every occasion.

Bike off on long country roads, and be assured that this is the best way to good health and also, to be in harmonious commune with nature. You may also want to go through this post on 26-inch Schwinn High Timber Mens Mountain Bike.

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