Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making the Most of Biking With Schwinn Lakeshore

Tired of dealing with stress at work or the monotony of a eight hour day? Tired of starting vigorous diet plans and never making it beyond the first week? Tired of giving up weight loss resolutions since you never stick to your regime? Most of us are sure to answer in the positive to these questions. Well having a hobby is a great way deal with all of these issues, and having a sports activity as a hobby is a surefire way of tacking these head on. Consider biking.

Bicycling offers a great workout for lungs and the heart and unlike aerobics will not pump up energy levels to the danger mark. You can cruise on your bike. It offers a great alternative to a monotonous routine at the gym and a guaranteed weight loss step as well. And once you start biking regularly you are sure to consume lots of water since you would sweat and dehydration is certainly not something you want to encourage.

Besides all these benefits a rider also learns life skills like endurance, discipline, focus and practical skills such as repairing broken bike parts and surviving on limited resources in the eventuality of losing way in the wilderness or remote terrain. As in other parts of the world, both young and old in India are taking to biking with a vengeance and the huge turnout at cyclothons is a testimony to this fact. Cyclothons have become a popular method to create awareness on social causes as also promote the importance of living healthy.

Interestingly biking is no longer the preserve of men, whether biking on city roads or mountain biking a growing number of women are finding out the benefits of taking up bicycling. Manufacturers have recognised this and come up with models that are specifically targeted at women. Aesthetic appeal, a lighter frame, features like a basket up front and tyres that give good traction are some of the differentiators that bike manufactures are trying to provide. Of course cost is also an important element.

The Schwinn Lakeshore Women’s bikes are one such great example of women-friendly machinery. These bikes are comfortable, durable, great looking and very affordable. This bike offers a great riding position giving the rider comfort, an alloy bar to ride the bike in an upright position and fast and easy gears.
The Schwinn Lakeshore bike also has the classic Schwinn quality pad cruiser for a soft ride and its traditional rear rack. The cool seat feature lets you release the seat quickly and adjustable set height. If you are a woman and looking to start off on the road to fitness look no further and invest in a bike today.

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