Friday, June 17, 2011

Stanley Classic Flask - Your Ideal Drinking Companion

On the go and wanting to quench your thirst? What better than swigging a hot cup of coffee poured out of your flask? Hollywood movies are replete with images of heroes swigging whisky from a flask that is discretely hidden away in the huge folds of a trench coat. An unsung hero, the flask has long been considered a must have accessory for a gentleman.

These days the drinking flash for carrying hooch has given way to the thermos flask in cool designs. The thermos or vacum flask is a container having thermal insulation by interposing a partial vacuum between the contents and the ambient environment. The evacuated region of the partial vacuum removes material that could serve as a heat conductor or carrier, enabling the flask to keep its contents hotter or cooler than its surroundings.

Invented by Scottish physicist and chemist Sir James Dewar in 1892 this was referred to as a Dewar flask before it became known as Thermos after a German company Thermos Gmbh manufactured it commercially. Now thermos has become the generic name for all vaccum flasks. Handy for storing hot brew or iced beverage the flask is a staple in any working professional’s tiffin accessories along with the lunch box. A typical domestic vacuum flask will keep liquid cool for about 24 hours, and warm for up to 8. Some vacuum flasks include a fitted cup or two, for convenience of use with drinks, especially during traveling or family picnic. All designed and combined in one.

The Stanley Classic Flask is one such brand that is great for a worker on the move. Having a pocket-friendly slim profile, stainless steel lining, attached cap, and wide mouth for funnel-less filling the Stanley Classic Flask is the working man’s go to brand for taking food or coffee to a job.

This flask has dark utilitarian looks and sneak-able size making it ideal to tuck into a coat or a jacket. Made from tough, tasteless and odorless stainless steel the flask won’t retain flavors as you refill it or rust from exposure to the elements.

Stanley flasks keep drinks piping hot or icy cold for up to 12 hours and features 100% stainless steel construction with bomb-proof, durable rust-proof finish. Its opening is wide enough for ice cubes, easy to clean and comes with a thermal warranty. It makes for a perfect drink holder that should last a life time or two. It can also be engraved in the base for a more personalized touch.

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