Friday, June 17, 2011

Space All Weather Blanket - A Blanket For All Seasons

When space and weight is a concern, keeping one self warm in cold climes or trekking trips can be quite a challenge. On one end of the spectrum there is the good quality military surplus wool blanket, weighing 6 pounds or more. And on the other far extreme would be the 3 oz weighing products like the heat-sheet blankets that are light, but not exactly warm enough. Somewhere in the middle of these extremes lies the Space All Weather Blanket.

A Space All Weather Blanket was a by-product of the super-insulating material that was originally developed by MPI for NASA. This blanket reflects and helps retain over 80 percent of radiated body heat, thus providing warmth and protection even in sub-zero temperatures. Space All Weather Blanket has been manufactured by the MPI since the year 1964 and over the years it has become an indispensable part of all outdoor activities.
This blanket comes with a multi-ply laminated construction design that along with a reflective metal surface make it an ideal outdoor safety blanket for personal protection. It is ideal for other uses such as shelters, ground covers, boating, hiking and sight visibility. It is also an excellent radar reflector. The fully bound material measures usually 60"X84" and weighs just about ten ounces.

A typical Space All Weather Blanket is a four ply laminate of clear polyethylene film with a precise vacuum deposition of pure aluminum and a special reinforcing fabric. It has an outer layer of colored polyethylene film. The laminated layers of aluminum coated plastic and tear resistant fiber in this waterproof blanket reflect up to 80 percent of body heat. Its unique physical properties and special four layer construction technique make it the perfect accessory item for rescue and use as an EMS blanket.

The blanket has up to 50 percent more tear and puncture resistance due to a reinforcing fabric compared with other similar products that are available in the market. Along with these technical features this blanket is light and extremely easy to carry along. It occupies less space, eliminating the problem of storage. This ultra light multipurpose blanket does not add to the weight of luggage one carries on an outdoor trekking trip. Its versatility enhances its usage options along with eliminating other safety precautions to be carried along when outdoors.

For those who love the thrill and excitement of an outdoorsy life, this is an ideal gift or the perfect investment. Buying one will ensure trouble free and light trips always.

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