Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Need XL Water Purifier - Pure Water; Anytime Anywhere

When traveling, on a hiking trip or plain away from home, a clean and secure source of pure water becomes a luxury. Water is the most common source of infection when traveling. It is of utmost importance to ensure that every drop one drinks is pure and germ free.

Portable water purification devices are a means to ensure this. Also known as point-of-use water treatment systems, these are self contained units that can be used by anyone to obtain clean drinking water from impure and untreated sources. The main idea here is to convert unchlorinated water potable.

Many commercial portable water purification systems are available in the market. These can be taken along on trekking or hiking camps, or for travel in remote areas with high levels of water pollution. They can also be used for treating safe municipal water by removing the chlorine and getting rid of bad taste, heavy metals like lead and mercury, and odors.

Brands such as the First Need XL Water Purifier, polar pure water disinfectant with iodine crystals are very popular in this category and provide excellent safety and value for money. The First Need XL Water Purifier is field serviceable and comes with a lightweight double action pump that makes it easy to use and immensely effective. It can be directly connected to popular trail bottles and containers, increasing its versatility. Most importantly, it provides a completely chemical free water purification system. It is designed for rugged use and a must for expeditions, campsites and family travel.

Portable water purifiers like the First Need XL Water Purifier are effective against cryptosporidia, bacteria and viruses. They provide unmatched capacity of removing harmful chemicals and infectious contaminants. They come with sanitary cover to protect the outlet and have options of longer tubing to increase ease of use. They are rugged, have a comfortable handle and come with greater capacity and fastest flow. They also come in self cleaning pre-filter and gravity assist system options and do not need iodine for the purification process. They are easy to clean and do not require any brushing, scraping, or contact with contaminants. They ensure one purifies water "hands free" without pumping, and lets gravity do the work - even with a clogged canister!

With a portable purifying system in hand, any travel or trip will be safe and devoid of health related tensions. Safe and pure drinking water is a must whether at home or outside it especially given all the water-related diseases that can occur. A portable water purifier ensures you get clean drinking water everywhere, now what more can one ask!

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