Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mongoose for BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are meant for both casual and sports use, and today, BMX bikes includes dirt, vert, park, street, and flatland variants along with the usual racing bikes. Bikes falling under this category are mainly constructed using different types of steel or aluminium (i.e. frames of these bikes), based on which the pricing is decided. And, when people speak about BMX bikes one brand that immediately appears in mind is Mongoose, because this brand is specialized in manufacturing this type of bicycles. So, if your teen is very much interested in cycling sport and hence you are planning to gift an ideal bike then check out why you should opt for Mongoose bikes.

Buying Mongoose Bikes is a great deal, because no other brand comes with so many features for a comparatively lesser cost. Three variants of BMX bikes that Mongoose specializes in are freestyle, racing, and dirt jumping. Freestyle bikes are good for riding on streets and concrete surfaces, smooth tyres, a 48-spoke rear wheel, front and rear brakes, and spinning handlebars are some of the mandatory features of a freestyle bike, which you can find in Mongoose freestyle bikes. Rear brake, knobby tyres with high traction, and light 36-spoke wheels are few features of a Mongoose racing bikes for an optimal off-road racing. Whereas dirt jumping bikes from Mongoose have a rear brake and knobby tyres similar to racing bikes but have a robust 48-spoke wheel, both if front and at the rear.

A notable thing about this brand of sports bicycles is their frames are almost of the same size and hence fit all. If your need is a lightweight bike then go for chrome frame but you can't expect it to be as strong as high-tensile steel frames. Aluminium frames are a good choice as they are lightweight as well as robust but they may be little heavy on your pocket. And the Crankset, a crucial part of any bike, a three-part pedal cranks are an ideal choice as they can be adjusted or repaired easily.

Now, coming to the various options of Mongoose BMX bikes there is actually a wide variety. The Mongoose 18" Boy's Radical Bmx Bike, the Mongoose Hoop D 20" BMX Bike with freestyle frame and forks, Mongoose 20" Ethereal Bike for girls, the Mongoose 20" Invert Bike, the Mongoose 20" Roadmaster Tracker Boy's Bike, Mongoose 20" Fa├žade Bike, Mongoose Gavel 20" Bmx Freestyle Bike, and much more are available for your choice.

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