Friday, June 3, 2011

Plastic Table Covers

Plastic table covers used in parties are popularly known as party table covers, as these are used on special occasions and events. I was once on a look out for appealing, yet inexpensive party table covers and in this article, I shall share with you some my experiences during the search. I will give some ideas and options on making your own plastic table cover, to best, cover your plain table when you have guests coming in.

If you have a twin-sized plastic sheet at home, you can use them to make a quick cover for your table. These days you get plastic sheets in a variety of patterns, colours and textures. These covers are the best option for covering tables on which food is kept, as they can be washed easily and is completely convenient to maintain. You may accentuate the cover design with colourful coordination of the fabric scraps cut with pinking sheers.

You may use your old shower curtains to make some really pretty party table covers. You may go for a new shower curtain of vinyl variety as well. What you can do is simply trim the curtain to the size and shape of your table. The net step will be to immerse the curtain in hot water. This way you can get rid of the many folds and wrinkles caused on the cover during the process of packaging. Hot water helps to soften the plastic table cover as well and the vinyl lets you see the tabletop. The best part of using a vinyl table cover is that you may lay it over the cloth table cover. Your guests an see the cloth table cover and the vinyl protects the cloth cover from spills as well.

However, vinyl table covers, though washable, have one disadvantage. Vinyl cloths contain PVC, which is a plastic product that will not degrade, because most plastics are not environment friendly. The biggest advantage however, of using plastic table covers is that, it prevents the wastage of water, needed to clean fabric table covers after use. Vinyl table covers uses less petroleum than most other plastic table covers.

All plastic table covers are waterproof and stain resistant. If you keep them under direct sunlight for extended periods, the colours may fade slightly as they usually do not contain a UV inhibitor. They are wipe clean products.

You should never wash it in a washing machine, and never place it on a drier. Never iron a plastic table cover. Simple clean with a damp cloth with water and soap when required.

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