Friday, June 24, 2011

Mongoose Bikes - Trick or Treat

Bicycle stunts are not a part of celluloid alone. Biking events that showcase stunts on bicycles and feats of daredevilry are very popular. The shortness of breath and the adrenalin rush one gets in watching these stunts are inexplicable. Mongoose bikes are a brand closely associated with performance bikes and are considered one of the best brands to buy. It has become a very popular and sought-after brands when it comes to extreme biking and racing cycles and performing trick stunts on bicycles.

The Mongoose BMX brand is owned by Dorel Industries which is based out of Madison, Wisconsin. The company is very well-known as a bicycle manufacturer of the Mongoose BMX brand as well as street and mountain bicycles using lightweight alloys and magnesium. Dirt biking has a cult following just like the Mongoose BMX brand which is considered the best in the industry. Finding Mongoose BMX bikes for sale is easy thanks to the Internet and online shopping.

However buying Mongoose bikes that are up for sale will be better-served if the bike enthusiast understands something of the company’s history and the reason for its enviable reputation. The brand dates back to 1974 when Skip Hess started his own firm out of his California home. The popularity of the Mongoose bikes prompted Hess to move homes to accommodate the rapid growth and finally the company built a huge facility. The company merged with Pacific Cycle and since has been constantly innovating and expanding its geographical reach.

There are affordable models of the Mongoose bikes that are for sale at retailers such as Walmart, Target and other stores but the high-end model which are pricier are sold through the company’s website or specialty cycle stores. The popularity of the model also means that there are always Mongoose Bikes for sale.

Some of the Mongoose bikes for sale are specifically designed for experienced riders while there are others that make it a good buy for kids. Though they cost a lot these Mongoose bikes for sale have features that make it a great buy for beginners like front and rear alloy linear-pull brakes, a rigid steel fork and frame, low profile handlebars, grinding pegs, platform pedals and a free wheel hub.

People looking to buy Mongoose bikes for sale will find affordable bikes if they look hard enough and don’t aim to own the latest Mongoose BMX models. Now, also read about Mongoose Slyde bike.

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