Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What are the essential boxing safety accessories?

Boxing is a sport that involves a lot of physical contact and a dangerous sport too, so wearing safety equipment is essential not because they are mandatory but also to ensure your safety on the ring. Without safety gears you may end up in worse injuries, and there are incidences that boxers have become crippled for life, some even have lost their lives, but with those gears worn boxing is really an awesome game. Moreover, it is wise to comply with the safety rules of boxing in order to have a long, healthy career in this sport. This article is intended to guide you through what are the safety gears you should own if you wish to be a professional boxer and how to use them ideally.

Before entering the boxing ring, make sure that you have worn a heavily-padded cup or groin protector under your trunk to protect your groin and hips from a misplaced punch. Next essential protective equipment for boxers is headgear as head injuries may become fatal. A headgear absorbs punches thrown and takes car of your head safety during a serious game. Not just head, protection to eyes and ears are also offer by it.

Gloves are mandatory boxers of any level, so better you buy a pair of high-quality gloves and use them during training as well as when you box. Heavily-padded gloves are the right choice as they absorb punches and take care of you and also your opponent’s safety. While boxing there are high possible of not just but also the wrist getting injured, but with gloves worn properly such incidences can be prevented. Everlast Amateur Boxing gloves are the official gloves that are used in boxing competitions.

Mouth guard or mouthpiece is suppose to be worn inside your mouth and has to be kept in place by biting it with your teeth, so ensure you have bite the mouth guard down properly while boxing. If a punch landed in you face it may knock your teeth and injure your lips too, and hence it is wise to cross check that you have work this protective gear properly.

For women boxers, there is one accessory that is vital, which is nothing but breast protectors. It has to be donned under a woman boxer’s top, this absorbs chock from punches steered towards her chest. If she tends to take more punches on her breast without the breast protector then it may end up in causing damage to the sensitive breast tissue.

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