Friday, December 3, 2010

Blackcomb Beauty

When choosing your first mountain bike, it is probably hard to get past the unfamiliar lane of new technology and overhyped gimmicks that populate the mountain bike market out there. But there is light at the end of the road. The spotlight is on one MTB among all the madness. The Mongoose Blackcomb Mountain Bike. Buying one of these babies feels like owning a man among boys. Rough, tough, and extremely user-friendly. Tame terrains- go for long rides on smooth flowing trails, journey cross-country, perform wild ride stunts and zoom down downhill courses. No matter how you plan to spend your time with the Mongoose Blackcomb Mountain Bike, you shall never be disappointed with its performance.

An all-terrain bike, it is completely packed with all the goods and devices for you to tame the severest topography. One of its first outfits that catches the eye is the 4-bar, vertical spring, dual suspension frame made of aluminium that keeps it light, ‘lift-able’ and rust-proof. This also means that both the front and rear wheels are fitted with effective shock absorbers that cancel out the discomforts of the extra bumpy ride that is promised by harsh terrains. Besides, most mountain bikes, on collision, with a rock jutting out in the middle of the trail, tend to jump up and in the process loose some speed. The Mongoose Blackcomb Mountain Bike’s Dual Suspension technology defeats this problem and keeps you going smoothly on your ride.

It also flaunts an RST fork and a superior 24-Speed Shimano gear with EZ Fire Shifters with the front derailleur being a Shimano C050 and a Shimano Altus in the rear, giving you maximum ease as you briskly shift gears. The high gear is optimum for paved, in-city surfaces while the low gear gives you a terrific off-road, bike trail ride. Apart from this, the Promax disc brakes, which play the star of the show, have garnered much praise and positive feedback for its efficacy. When fitted right, they have excellent nuance and promote better handling and control of the bicycle. The alloy forged three piece crankset and 36-spoke black anodized alloy rims boost the performance of the Mongoose Blackcomb Mountain Bike to the level of a never-before MTB experience!

A common complaint about most mountain bikes is regarding their uncomfortable seats. They are rigid and leave you stiff after a long journey pedalling. With its quick release seat, the Mongoose Blackcomb Mountain Bike hopes to offer you maximum comfort. It gives you the opportunity to make adjustments to the seat height as and when necessary.

With all these wonder features, it might come as a surprise that this all-terrain tackling beauty in Silver, come for a bargain of $328.99! What are you waiting for??

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