Monday, December 20, 2010

Folding treadmills

Market ratings, people’s choices, the internet and the rest of the media- all of them point towards the treadmill as being the most popular gym equipments. Be it your very own home gym or a fitness club, treadmills are people’s first choice. This popularity perhaps explains the wide range of varieties that are available for buyers of the treadmill. The user can choose a machine according to his or her usage, needs, specifications, and the price range that seems fitting. For instance, there are treadmills that are priced at an affordable $900, and then there are those that are available for over a whopping $6000! And then there are consumer-specific needs like the number of users a day, purpose of usage- whether for walking or running, and the space that houses the treadmill.

This last specification is perhaps common to all of us living in the cities. Real estate is expensive and we do not want the treadmill eating into the space of the couch. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers came up with the idea of foldable treadmills. These treadmills fold at the fulcrum, which is the point where the vertical frame and the deck meet. This swivels and folds upwards, such that it can be screwed into place. But there are several arguments against the folding treadmills. People say that due to their space-conscious nature, they are not as efficient for the user as the average, non-folding treadmill is. And no buyer wants anything less than the value for his money! But what people tend to assume is that the folding treadmill remains what it was when the concept was initially envisaged. This is far from the truth as the manufacturers and designers have improvised it and made the folding treadmills just as efficient and useful! If you are still unconvinced, check out a few of the following features of the folding treadmill that you are considering. If these expectations are met, then the purchase is a good deal for you.

Remember to always test a treadmill, regardless of whether it is folding or not. Put on your running outfit to be sure. A folding treadmill, especially the cheaper kind is taken for granted to be unstable. If you suspect so, go for one that has a sturdy, steel frame. In case you are still unsure, mad-dash or stomp about on the treadmill. Is it suitable to your height and the length of strides you take? Are there users who might be taller or stouter? If so, does the treadmill cater to their needs too? Once you are satisfied about these requirements, check if the treadmill is within your price range. Ensure that you have a warranty period for at least one year service. This shows that the manufacturer is confident of his product. Lastly, but not the least, lift the deck to fold the treadmill. Is it heavy or slippery? Folding treadmills with wheels so they can be moved to a convenient corner as an when required, are an added advantage. Given all these requisites, a few trustworthy models are the Tf3i Folding Treadmill and the TX3 Folding Treadmill. They are priced at $1457.99 and $2841.16 respectively and are well worth the investment.

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