Friday, December 17, 2010

Mongoose Spark

Adventure lovers have their own way of enjoying rides and these rides are never smooth. The adventure rides are full of thrills and unexpected twists and turns. However, this is the basic reason behind the fun involved in this sport, but somewhere it surely has its own pitfalls. These fun filled, thrilling adventurous rides surely set the pulse racing, but at the same time, the rider and the bicycle both undergo a lot of physical stress.

In the past, going for an adventure ride was a risky business, but thanks to the versatility in the field of innovation, that these rides are not any longer a cumbersome activity. In the year 1974, the foundation of BMX Products was laid, which later became famous by the name Mongoose Bicycles. The BMX were the first to comprehend the pain involved in the adventurous trips through bicycles and hence they designed a new products that could eliminate quite a percentage of this pain and soon they came up with a new product which was sturdy by the wheel. In the year 1980 the products became famous under the brand name Mongoose and they were considered best for a heavy duty ride.

Currently Mongoose spark is ruling the market. This is one of the best products that are launched by the Mongoose Bicycles. The Mongoose Spark is soon capturing the market of adventure riders as its casting features are certainly working well on the pain and stress areas of the riders as well as the bicycles.

Since the adventure trails are usually accompanied by the rough and hard routes, both the riders and bicycles have a tough time surviving that turmoil. The Mongoose Spark scores high on this zone with the help of dual suspension. The basic advantage of having suspension is to provide a shock proof and a well balanced ride and hence the mountain bikes are available in both single and double suspensions. However, the advantage of Mongoose Spark having dual suspension is that the biker gets an additional power to have shock proof rides even at faster speed.

Mongoose Spark is also well equipped with ProMax disc brakes to have smooth and steady halts. The 24 speed Shimano with EZ fires shifters are making it earn a decree of a speed devil. The 26 inch fat tires along with the alloy rims are good for speed with the ability to have steady balance. The Mongoose Spark is coated with anti rust power and it also provides a year’s warranty to the buyers along with a safe thrilling rides. Therefore, all the adventures riders, do make your thrilling rides more pulse racing with Mongoose Spark; that not only speeds your trips, but also shields against the physical stress.

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