Friday, December 3, 2010

A Stratus Above

If you at the bike store looking a rough and tough mountain bike that also looks stylish and will not easily weather under the tribulations that are common with this hobby, as well as is easily portable, then it is going to be a long search. To make it easier and cut this treasure hunt short for you, I suggested you have a look at the Pacific Stratus Bike. Just one look does the trick! This bike is perfection brought to life. The manufacturers have kept all aspects of sturdiness and user comfort in mind while coming up with its design. Through the rest of the article we shall go into details that are factual and precise, and that shall wow you into buying a Pacific Stratus Bike of your own!

This bike is one of the few MTBs in the market that is great, despite your choice and style of riding. You could be doing a cross-country trail or lift accessed gravity mayhem. Any challenge, and this bike will surely live up to it. Its steel mountain frame geometry makes the bike sturdy and durable. This also ensures that the bicycle is easy to control as well as ‘lift-able’. Apart from that, the Pacific Stratus Bike also sports a hard tail that makes pedalling very smooth and highly efficient. It contributes to the overall lighter weight of the bicycle too.

The Pacific Stratus Mountain Bike is fitted with 15-speed index Torque Drive Thumb shifters. These gears are very effective and aid shifting without any glitch. This convenience of changing gears easily is promoted even more by its Torque Drive Rear Derailleur. The decelerating mechanism involves front and rear steel brakes that are sure-stopping and perfect measures of safety that will never let you down. Optimally wide and up-sweep handlebars give the rider of the Pacific Stratus Bike terrific control over the machine, especially in turns and races.

The bike comes built with 26-inch wheels with ideally knobby tires. They have terrific traction and provide healthy friction that not only adds to the fun of off-road biking as well as your safety. The size of the wheels makes it very consistent, smooth and a lot of fun! They are made of steel and are of high tensile strength and long-lasting.

The 1-piece MTB crank set makes every ride on the Pacific Stratus Bike a smooth one, making you aware of the levelness of its lubricated routine. It offers extensive rigging operation and is one of the star features of its product description.

Priced at an amazingly reasonable $99.99, believe me, you are making a wise decision.

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