Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mongoose bmx bikes

Mongoose bmx bikes are freestyle bikes that are designed using BMX technology for high performance. Mongoose is popular world wide for its BMX models. Mongoose bmx bikes are sold in all leading stores and online too. The BMX bike range in Mongoose can be divided into three categories, Fraction, Shield and Legion model that are absolutely light weight. If you are looking for heavier and sturdier BMX freestyle bikes than Villain and Mischief is the right choice. Mongoose BMX bikes can be fitted according to the body size of an individual. Right from the frame, seats, wheel, handlebar anything can be custom made to suit the rider. The 360 degree bar spin ensures the bike supports daring stunts. For more tricks the bike is attached with 48 spoke wheels, alloy four bolt stem and 4 freestyle pegs. So if you are keen on doing tricks and stunts with your bike then Mongoose bmx bikes are the ones for you.

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