Monday, December 20, 2010

Put your sneakers on!

Treadmills are perhaps the most popular among all gym equipment. Be it for home or commercial use, they are the first to be considered and perhaps even bought. This popularity stems from the possibility of their all-pervasive usage. Treadmills can be used by young and old alike and feature in the exercise regimens of both beginners as well as professional athletes with powerful lungs. They can be flaunted as a part of the home gym or as a staple gear in fitness and health clubs. This popularity stems from the wide range of commercial treadmills available catering to the specific needs of the customer. Among the chief differences are the treadmills that are used for casual daily walks and other that are required for running or power walking a relatively large distance.

Treadmills that are specifically made for running are, as a rule, sturdier and robustly built than the ones that are built for light home use. So before you put on your running shoes, there are certain basics that you need to get right. Once you have decided that it is running you want to do, going about buying a treadmill for exactly that purpose is a systematic method. For starters, decide the space you are ready to allot to the treadmill. Runners usually require treadmills that sport a longer deck. This proves to be more convenient as well is an added safety facet. Convenient because, while running, a person tends to take longer strides than while walking. In case you are short of ample space, buying a folding treadmill is always an option, though their decks are shorter and therefore these may not be as resourceful. Once you have decided, reflect on the price range you are willing to consider. Treadmills for running range from basic models for $600 to high-end machines which will cost you over $6000.

After mulling over these two aspects in the comfort of your house, it is time to get to the shop selling the equipment. Wear your running outfit and run a little while on each of the treadmills that gratify all your needs. Choose one that you are comfortable on, with respect to your height, weight and speed as well. The deck must be shock-absorbent and the belt ought to be two-ply and at least 18-inch wide. While you are at it, there are certain treadmills that have been tried and tested and have proven wonderful options that you could consider. Some of them are, the T10 Treadmill available for $2699.00 which flaunts a sturdy frame and is vouched by many experienced runner. Yet another treadmill that is sure to leave you impressed, especially if you are looking at the folding kind is the Tf3i Folding Treadmill priced at $1457.99. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get running!

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