Monday, December 20, 2010

Schwinn Sidewinder

In 1970, when the craze of bicycle sport took over people’s heart and mind, Schwinn introduced some of the models, which were extremely short lived and was dropped out of production very soon. The reason behind this unsuccessful attempt was that the company never took this craze seriously and hence, failed to produce the bicycles up to people’s expectation.

However, when the craze took the form of passion and sport, the Schwinn answered this craze with their two new products, which were called as Sidewinder and King Sting. Both of these bicycle were basically mountain bikes or also called as the terrain cycles. Soon these bicycles took over the market and even compelled its competitors to participate in this trend thus raising the competition both on quality and price.

The Schwinn Sidewinder is the bicycle, which was initially designed form the off shelve components of BMX products. However, the bikes of today are much finely fabricated and have high quality components and framework. The Schwinn has been into the business of bicycles for over 100 years and now they have gained people’s trust over the performance of their bike and its framework.

The Schwinn Sidewinder is basically a 26 inch mountain bike, which also play less with the rates. These bikes are the favorites of the mountain bikers because of their enduring performance. The speed of these bikes are controlled with 21 smooth shifting gears, which helps in making the rides along the tough paths easy and fast.

The Schwinn Sidewinder has a suspension in its front side, which reduced the effects of rough and uneven rides on both the bicycle and the rider. The brakes are highly efficient and smooth and the applying of them brings the bike to immediate and smooth halt. Apart from that the bike is very light in weight and this gives rider the ability to carry them across the river and even while climbing stairs.

Apart from all these digging features the Schwinn Sidewinder also has a weary effect on the rider, due to its hard saddle and the quality of tires as they are comparatively on the lower side in concern with the mountain rides. The front wheel of the bike is designed in quite technical manner, which surely makes the rider helpless while repairing a flat. The other most annoying feature of this Schwinn Sidewinder is that they are not supported by rear suspension and this becomes quite painstaking for the rider.

However, all the odds and the even together make Schwinn Sidewinder a significant mountain bike. The little complication of the bike can be easily uncomplicated with a little care and this surely depends on the riders of these bikes.

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