Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mongoose slade

Mongoose slade for boys is a classic bike for mountain riding. With the 24 inches wheels, this bike has lot to cheer about. A new jump style biking frame gives it all that is necessary for the adventurous and tough riding on the mountains. The other distinguishing feature is the element front suspension fork. Speed of the bike can be controlled excellently and without any problems with the Promax front disc brakes. Linear rear brakes and alloy brake levers add the spark to the brakes system of the bike. Forged 3 piece crank add to the quality and durability of this bike.

Wide wheels which are most suitable for riding in the rocky gauges and terrains make Mongoose slade ever perfect for the mountain riding. In case of sudden and unpredictable jolts, the cushioned handlebars protect the rider from any damage. Alloy rims and high quality shifters are the best a rider can expect in a mountain riding bike.

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