Friday, December 3, 2010

Pull the Chord

If you are an ardent and frequent bike rider, then the storage of your precious two-wheeled thingamajig is something that is always playing in the back of your mind. Do you have a road bike that is so expensive that you could not imagine investing in another, if it gets toppled over in the clutter of your garage while you hurriedly park your car? Or do you live in a studio apartment and you find yourself pretty irritated with your bike and tend to shove it into a stuffy corner for want of space? Or is it because the leaves are turning golden, and it is time to bring your bikes into the warmth of the garage or the house itself? Either way, you are not alone when it comes to having bicycle storage problems. Nevertheless, it is a wonderfully useful mode of transport, and medium of pleasure as well as exercise, it does get in the way of things sometimes. Literally!

Now given the situation, how pleased would you be, if I proposed a way to park your cycle where it takes absolutely no real estate? No toppling over or sudden crashing on the floor; no harm ever done to your carbon bikes! Well that is exactly what I am talking about when I advise you to invest in a bicycle storage hoist. Like the name suggests, a bicycle storage hoist, ‘hoists’ your bike up against the ceiling. This, using a simple and an absolutely inexpensive mechanism and the least amount of your energy and time. Perhaps the best part is that, it can be used anywhere! Be it in your garage, where I assure you, most of us stash the most unwanted and obscurest of articles; Or your really tiny apartment in the heart of the very expensive urban space.

To put a bicycle hoist to use, all one must do is to ensure enough space on a ceiling beam or rafter to winch it against. Secure it in place and it serves its purpose. Once secured and you have run a screw into it, it is very unlikely to undo and fall or crash. Using the two hooks on the bicycle storage hoist, you can fasten your cycle’s handlebars and bicycle seat. Check if they are safe as houses and pull the rope so your cycle is pulled up to the ceiling. The system is so simple that it can be worked in a jiffy.

One particular make, the El Greco Ceiling Hoist particularly stands out. Any bicycle up to the weight of around 50 pounds can be hooked on to it. It can alternatively be used for kayaks and canoes too. So pull the chord, with your very own bicycle storage hoist right away!

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