Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mongoose bikes

Known as a brand for designing, manufacturing and selling performance bicycles, originally designed and manufactured by BMX, Mongoose bring into being various models of BMX action bikes, beach cruisers, street bicycles and mountain bikes. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Mongoose ensures to use magnesium and lightest available alloys for creating its product. This being the reason behind for Mongoose bikes is one of the best and most versatile bikes available in the market today. If you are among those who have just decided to land up in some serious track biking, then the most reliable mongoose bike available for beginners like you is Otero. It is equipped with an easily adjustable suspension, a light aluminum frame and disc brakes. Besides, it is a cheap option for the beginning trials.

Other than Otero, Teocali is another famous bicycle produced and made available by the name of Mongoose bikes. It is a mountain bike that is especially designed to assail that advanced trace and that too with the necessary level of comfort and efficiency required for a biking day. Teocali bikes are constructed with a hydro-formed aluminum frame.

Keeping in mind the requirements of an endurance racer, mongoose also features with a solid handling bike. Known as Canaan, this bike is suitable for carrying you for an all day epic ride. Constructed with an alloy frame which because of the prior heat-treatment given to it, is the most strongest and lightest frame available today, this mountain bike inculcates confidence for completing an endurance ride all alone.

With two bike offerings, The Mongoose brand offers a bike suitable for road and pavements use and other one for BMX style action purpose. For those interested in stunt biking and dirt biking, Mongoose offers a wide range of freestyle bikes, available with various distinctions.

Mongoose wonderful range is not limited for any specific rider. It has a variety of mountain bikes especially designed as per women's taste, need and style as well. And for kids they have a special line of bikes. Very well renowned among the insider bikers, Mongoose mountain bikes is a brand that along with beginners serves to the advanced bikers also. Being synonymous about their quality, mongoose mountain bikes also offers various annual biking events. These events are in order to keep their customers up to date with the latest technology innovations and news in regard to the cyclist.

Offering such a wide array of bikes from the hard trail hybrid type to the dual suspension mountain bike, Mongoose mountain bike offers various bikes as per different levels of riding ability. It is their continued support why Mongoose bikes have gained such a continued popularity in the world.

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