Friday, December 17, 2010

Schwinn Comfort bike

Riding all the way up and down the hill is the best pastime and a pleasurable way to spend a weekend. Riding across the mountains have now taken a shape of sport as well and this passion compelled the bicycle manufacturers to think about reforming this market with a new types of hybrid bikes. The market hence was reformed by the launch of Schwinn Comfort bikes.

Schwinn Comfort bikes are modern bikes, which are well designed for mountain rides. The Schwinn took special care while designing these bikes and tried to give them a proper blend of comfort along with sport. These bikes have typical mountain bike structure, which includes as tall head tube to provide the rider and upright position while riding. Unlike other mountain bikes, these bikes provide much comfort to the rider with their right sitting posture.

It has 26 inch wheel along with rust proof alloy rims, which keeps the rider always in comfort zone even if he or she has chosen the rough way home. The Schwinn Comfort bikes are well equipped with SR Suntour suspension, which surely gives an extra cushion to the rider against a hard ride. The tire sizes are larger than the normal mountain bikes and they have wider tires of about 1.75 to 1.95 inches. The tires are pretty smooth in nature and they give a balanced ride even solid grip even across the rough surface.

Talking about Schwinn Comfort’s bikes speed factor, it is well supported by 21 speed SRAM gear shifting system and Shimano 31 TX rear derailleur. The brakes installed in these bikes are ProMax brakes, which guarantees safe and smooth stopping. To provide stability to these bikes the framework is made of aluminium, which provides sturdiness along with light weight. This is one of the most adoring features of these bikes.

The Schwinn Comfort bikes can be very well personalised by basket, fenders and traditional amenities. Their special type of handle bars makes a rider have a sturdy grip over the handle. All this makes the rider enjoy their rides through any path, without any trouble. This is one of the most appropriate choices for the people who want to enjoy their rides through the mountains in most comfortable way. Even the sports lover can select this bike for the most enjoyable trails across any kind of surface without losing balance.
So, next time riding through the lush green mountains will be more regenerating if it is paddled through on the Schwinn Comfort bike.

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