Monday, December 20, 2010

Gain core strength with Stability Balls

Stability balls, also known as exercise balls, offer great benefits then workout done a flat surface because you have to keep the ball balanced and hence more muscles are engaged and calories are burnt. Stability ball exercises enhances core strength, which greatly help in preventing injury and better aid in rehabilitation. By developing strong muscles in the trunk the possibilities of chronic and acute injuries are minimized and week core muscles that cause low back pain. Not just, there are lot of other benefits stability ball exercises offer. So, lets check out some easy-to-do yet beneficial workouts done using Swiss ball. You must first get a stability ball 55cm.

Stability Ball Ab Exercise: For this the body should be laid in supine position on the floor and hands need to be stretched overhead holding the ball laid on the floor. Then crunch the body by raising both arms and legs at the same time, and this has to be done until hands and legs meet up, now the ball has to be passed onto the legs from hands and go back to supine position. Hold the stability ball in between the legs and then being to crunch like before and pass the ball onto the hands.

Stability Ball Pullover Row: First kneel on a flat floor and place the Swiss ball in front (say around 6.5 feet away from you). Then keep your arms on the ball with your elbows bending at 90 degrees, now lean on the stability ball and allow your body to move forward. Once you reach you maximum range then begin to pull back your body and retain the original position. By performing this exercise you can strengthen your back muscles, chest, and also ab muscles.

Stability Ball Chest Bounce: As the name goes, the primary muscle involved in this exercise is of chest. This workout needs the body to be in prone position first with feet on the floor and hands placed on the ball, similar to push up. Now, drop your body on the ball in a way that your chest comes in contact with the ball and the force should be good enough to bounce you back so regain your prone position with holding the ball stable in your arms. It many take a little time to master in the exercise but its results are amazing and your core, triceps, and shoulders are toned up well.

These are just few Swiss ball exercises that can be performed at home, but it is better to get expert's guidance initially. You can buy the necessary fitness equipment from wsports.

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