Thursday, December 23, 2010

Going for Commercial Treadmills!

It is an agreed upon fact that treadmills are the most popular gym equipment in the market today. This is perhaps because of the variety of users that the exercise machine caters to. From the young and old, to beginners, professionals and those recovering from injuries, the treadmill is safe to use for almost everybody. It revs up your metabolism, blood circulation and release endorphins- a naturally occurring pain reliever in the body. Moreover, as per the user’s requirements, treadmills are also available for those who are designing a home gym, a health club or those who want to exercise in the comfort of their home but cannot be generous with space! Due to this adaptability of the treadmill, they now sell like hotcakes amongst all sorts of customers, regardless of their needs, wants and specifications.

The commercial treadmill is the most sought after equipment for health and fitness clubs and gyms which are open to numerous users. They are different from home gym and even commercial-grade treadmills in the essence that they sport a much stronger and sturdier frame than the others. They are built with higher grade electronic components and the various other parts are welded together robustly. This makes them strong enough to withstand harsher use that comes with entertaining more users.

So in what ways is the commercial treadmill more powerful? Well for starters, these treadmills have powerful motors. They do not tire out that easily and boast maximum durability. The treadmills are usually larger as the deck is longer and much thicker. The belt of the treadmill is also 4-ply in the least, as compared to the usual 2-ply belts used in home treadmills. The electric constituents are heavy duty and the treadmill can be used for hours of workout by successive users who might be of different heights and weight.

Commercial Treadmills are generally priced at a minimum of $4000, but this is perhaps because they are of terrific quality. A manufacturer who is confident of his product will give you a minimum of 2 years service warranty and still more on the parts. While you are looking around for a commercial treadmill, ensure that you are not fooled by ‘commercial grade’ treadmills as they commonly mistaken as the former. To decide, wear comfortable running clothes and shoes and take nice, long strides on the treadmill. Check out the various training programs available and ensure that they would cater to a variety of user needs ranging from long distance running, to power walking or casual strolls as well as fat loss and professional training. Besides, the commercial treadmill MUST have an emergency stop button and come to a stop gradually, and never suddenly. A contact heart monitor is a must as a safety aspect. Some of the good models are Fitness Light Commercial Treadmill priced at $3425.99 and the Startrac Ptr Full Commercial Treadmill available for $9549.99.

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