Monday, December 20, 2010

Things to check while buying a ping pong table

Whether you have decided to take up table tennis as your profession or just love to play table during your leisure hours, you definitely need a table. Buying a ping pong table is easy as most of the sport equipment retailers, both brick and mortars as well as online, stock a wide variety of table but you need to check for few details before settling on one. Check out below what are the points to be remembered while purchasing a table tennis table.

Most of the people believe that highly expensive merchandises are of high quality and this is same with table tennis table as well but it is not so. It is fine to invest in an expensive table if you are playing in national or state level tournaments, otherwise you don’t have to spend huge amount for a table. Especially for first time users it is better to invest in a low-end table, and if you get serious with the game and wish to take this as your professions, its time to revamp your playroom by replacing the worn-out table with a mid-range one.

When you are planning to buy a table tennis table you should have a clear idea on whether you need a permanent table or the one that you can pack and put it back when not in use. If latter is your preference then check out the table is easy to set up, and moreover the fold-able table that can be handled by a person is ideal. Your need is a permanent or fold-up model, a table with rollers featuring brake is a good choice as it prevents the table from moving around while playing.
Thickness of a table play a vital role in the game, a table of 1 inch thickness top is preferred by professionals as it enables even bouncing of the ball but for amateur table tennis players a table is 0.75 inch thickness can do a pretty decent job. For beginners who don’t find a table thicker top under their budget can rely upon the latter for better practice sessions.

Next, you should check whether the table feature strong legs and supports, which can last for decades. And also check for levers that are at the bottom of the leg, they let you keep the table in the standard level even on an uneven floor.

Don’t forget to see the table surface is flat, check for any bending by placing your eyes on the height on all sides of the table, an uneven table can affect bounce of the ball. Also, the net should come with soft coverings on the areas that come in contact with the table.

Check for these features in a table tennis table when you buy it from a sporting goods store and make the game more fun and engaging.

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