Monday, December 20, 2010

Mongoose freestyle bike

Mongoose is a very renowned bicycle manufacturing company. Its BMX and MTBs have been a favorite and owning a Mongoose bike is a matter of great pleasure to every rider. With a huge range of bicycles already launched, Mongoose has left no stone unturned to reach out to every rider and serve their service. Mongoose bikes of various ranges serve different categories of people, whether one needs an urban or a MTB or a BMX bike, mongoose has it all. Mongoose has an amazing range of freestyle bikes launched in the market under the type BMX.

Freestyle bikes are generally used for stunt riding and are in great demand among the youth. These are light weight bicycles designed appropriately to serve their purpose to the maximum. Mongoose freestyle bikes come in a broad range in and the company has already launched some master pieces named Article, Pit, Capture, Diagram, Mischief, Villain and Subject. All these bikes have different features, accessories and components which make freestyle more fun. Some accessories are even designed especially to freestyle and make it easy for the user and give them enhanced comfort and pleasure. The Diagram is the flagship freestyle bike from Mongoose which has various distinctive features like chromoly front triangle and fork steering tube. It is also loaded with Goliath double-wall rims, SNAFU Sanford Tires and Tektro FX340 brakes. The bike boasts of Mongoose in-house stem, handlebar and a seat post. A bike stuffed with such amazing features leaves no room for complaints or disappointment. The user is assured of the feeling that he definitely has made the perfect selection.

The diagram has 20-inch frame size and also features a steep 74.5 degree head tube angle which helps in fast and tight cornering. The other types of bikes in the freestyle lineup have different features in terms of parts and components. All these types are one of the best quality products produced by Mongoose and thus, they have always been the first choice of any freestyle rider.

They offer solid freestyle and are quick in terms of flexibility. They stay for long and are low on maintenance charges. The parts are available easily for repairs in case it faces a break down. Freestyle has always attracted a lot of people and Mongoose encourages them to try out their skills using their specially crafted bikes. Mongoose has won consumers’ trust over the years with the amazing quality and high on performance bikes.

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