Friday, December 3, 2010

The Spark of Power

Mountain Biking is a fun sport that can very well become your hobby, passion or fitness routine. It is challenging, yet enjoyable and something you can do individually or with a group of friends or family. You could be riding cross-country, downhill, dirt jumping or doing trials, mountain biking involves a plethora of activities and forms that can be mastered. A main requirement for developing such skill is of course passion. An even more important necessity is a suitable mountain bike. Not only should this bike gel well with the terrains you might face, but one that is also accustomed to provide rider comfort, easy pedalling and safety. With all this in mind, the design of the Mongoose Spark is now etched in metal for your use.

To begin with, the Mongoose Spark is fitted with 26-inch, 36-hole black wheels that are knobby tires and display great traction. They are smoother, quicker and are terrific fun to ride your bike on. If you are targeting fitness or hoping to practice more for an upcoming race, then this bike provides you with the right motivation to get off the hammock and get skinny in the dirt. Soon, looking forward to hitting the beaten trail shall become a habit with this beast.

The Mongoose Spark also flaunts a dual suspension frame that makes handling and control easy while the bike is in motion. They also absorb the shocks on both the rear and front, of the various bumps that you are sure to come across as you cycle past harsh terrains and challenging trails with gravel, sand and rocks jutting out of nowhere. It helps you race past others despite these bumps, as it evens out the speed and does not make you bounce up too high on collision with any of these miniature roadblocks.

Apart from the above features, the Mongoose Spark also sports a 3-piece crank set that allows the rider to pedal smoother as it exposes the quality of the system. The bike ride is only optimally challenging and does not put too much pressure on his legs or energy. It is a 21-speed bike and the gears are convenient and the brakes are powerful. Turns are smooth and the vertical handles are terrifically useful. The platform pedals provide the rider the ease of freedom to put the legs on the ground as and when required and adds to the safety.

Available in silver and black, it is priced at an affordable $204.99. With so many fantastic features, it is easily the most comfortable, reasonably-priced mountain bike available in the market today.

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