Friday, December 17, 2010

Mongoose Blackcomb

Bicycles have always been one of the favorite possessions among the youth. A broad range in terms of types and designs attract lots of bicycle riders whether young or old. For those interested in hardcore riding, lots of companies have come up with mountain bicycles which assure you of complete comfort even while riding on the worst roads. With mountain bikes being launched in the market, bicycle users have got an amazing opportunity to live out their adventurous dreams and test their skills. Mountain bikes, also known as all terrain bicycles are specially designed for off-road cycling which includes navigating through rocks and washouts, steeps and declines, dirt trails, logging roads or other unpaved environments. Young riders are very enthusiastic about such traverses and now they can do all of it on their Mongoose Blackcomb.

Mongoose Blackcomb is one of the most attractive mountain bikes available in the market. Crafted out of light weight aluminum, the bike has 4-bar, vertical spring and has dual suspension to make on the edge rides very comfortable. This attractive looking frame of mongoose Blackcomb has much more in it which makes it people’s favorite. The Blackcomb is featured with 24-speed Shimano gearing system which has EZ Fire trigger shifters with Shimano derailleur. Mongoose Blackcomb loaded with such amazing equipments makes the ride smooth, quick and contented.

The durability and safety have also been taken into consideration while designing this remarkable bicycle as off road riding can be full of risks and wear and tear. The Mongoose Blackcomb boasts of a superior braking system. It has improved stopping power due to its front and rear Promax mechanical-disc brakes. The bike is also loaded with 36 spoke wheels which include alloy QR disc hubs. The tires are 26-inch by 2.1 inch Kendas which provide good grip on the road.

This all terrain bicycle is very amenable for riding in tough weather conditions. Off road riding is always an incredible experience and with such amazing bikes being launched in the market, one is assured of superior and enhanced pleasure of riding even in the worst conditions. Mongoose Blackcomb has become riders’ favorite due to its high quality and best performance. Though this bicycle is best suited for uneven terrains and for off road cycling, the novice cyclists interested in riding it around in the city can also take full advantage of its features and enjoy their comfortable ride.

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