Friday, December 17, 2010

Schwinn Cruiser Bikes

One of the most common names for Cruiser Bikes is Beach Bikes. These bikes came into fashion, when the sales of bikes fell tremendously and people only preferred having bicycles for leisure and sports. Schwinn is well known and accepted as the most innovative and loyal brand. Seeing the fall in the sale of bicycles, they took an initiative of overhauling the market with their new products which they named as Schwinn Cruiser Bikes.

The Schwinn Cruiser bikes were mainly designed for the youth class and hence it appears more like a motorbike, but certainly it has no source of ignition. These bikes are well designed and they do possess a sturdy appeal. The designs of these bikes are basically borrowed from an older model of Schwinn bikes, which well acclaimed for their heavy duty framework.

The Schwinn Cruiser bikes are basically for pleasure rides and the people prefer riding on them during the holidays or to recreate themselves. These bikes support an upright sitting position, which surely communicates that this bike is not for mountain biking. Since these bikes are basically for relaxing and slow riding, that is why they often do not have multiple speed gears and this is what make them apt for a royal ride.

The Schwinn Cruiser bikes are very well available in vintage designs and hence they glide best on flat surface. These cruiser bikes usually have big round handles with leather covers for better gripping. The saddles of these bikes are large as they are meant to support upright position of the rider. These bikes generally have coaster brakes for stopping, which helps to slow down and stop by paddling in reverse direction. The coaster brakes generally require less maintenance and they perform well in conditions of rain or snow, but many of the newer models of Schwinn Cruiser bikes are supported by hand brakes. The tires of Schwinn Cruiser bikes are wide and hence it helps in comfortable and steady riding.

The another advantage with cruiser bikes are that people can even add their personal touch to these bikes by fixing some extra accessories, which can either be a basket or panniers. Generally the cruiser bikes have more sales in coastal areas, where people often ride to beaches for enjoying the sun, sand and breeze. These bikes are available in various price ranges and people can enjoy their free time rides at fairy economical rates.

Therefore, riding under the warm sun and over the silky sand can be real fun with Schwinn Cruiser bikes, where the rider enjoys the pleasure of just being near the sea.

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