Thursday, December 23, 2010


Bicycles are one of the most popular vehicles all across the globe. Not only they are popular because of the flexibility, usability and convenience, they are also better environmentally when compared to four wheeled vehicles. Bicycles are suitable for reaching workplace on time as well as for adventurous rides. Bikers have their own clubs, communities and an altogether different lifestyle. Bikes are gaining more popularity in this age of awareness as they ensure easy parking and easy drive even in jam packed roads. Considering these factors, the growing generation is using bikes instead of other vehicles such as cars. A bike also finds large application in the field of courier applications and adult fitness.

Most of the people park the bike inside the garage, even if the bike is not used. This is a mere wastage of place. Now days, the storage of bike is not at all a problem. Many bike owners are using bicycle hoists for this purpose. With the help of a bicycle hoist, one can hang the bicycles on to the ceiling. This helps in saving area inside a garage. The bicycle hoist includes a rope locking mechanism. This is to secure the bike from falling on to the floor. It has a pulley system, which enables the users to lift and lower the bicycle when needed. These hoists are made and designed for hanging bikes that may weigh up to 55 pounds. The ideal height of the ceiling should be up to 14 feet for the installation of a bicycle hoist. A bike hoist sales pack comes with wood screws that are used to mount the supporting structure directly on to the ceiling. The hoist kit also includes front as well as back roller plate assembly, a strong rope, assemblies of hook and a rope cleat.

For installing a bicycle hoist to the ceiling, we should measure the distance between ceiling and the floor. The bike will be lifted through this distance between the handle bars and the back of the saddle. This will show the positions of the hook that will hold the bike. If the distance is found to be precise, attach the back end roller plate with a rope anchor. The distance from the midpoint of the front side pulleys which are on the front plate from the midpoint of the rear side pulleys and rope anchor should be equal in distance. This is to make sure that the bike won’t tilt when hung. Now the front roller plate can be attached using wood screws and remaining screws are used for fastening the rope cleat. Use of bicycle hoists make storage of bikes a hassle-free experience.

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