Friday, December 3, 2010

To Bike Down the Memory Lane

When you think about the gentle wind blowing your hair, breezing past your skin on a bright sunny day as you pedal effortlessly around your neighbourhood, you don’t imagine yourself to be sweating up a storm on a dirt bike and looking all serious while doubling over as you tame harsh terrains on a mountain bike! The picture that falls into place in your mind is the classical beach cruiser. Comfortable, no high speed to show off about, nothing too fancy and easy on your pocket- that is the Schwinn Riverside Bike for you! If all you want is to sail by and be a carefree, happy-go-lucky gypsy, then you have found the bike that was made just for you!

Most of us, while thinking about investing in a bike, are probably thinking about going easy on the environment and help kick off a routine that would get us some exercise. The Schwinn Riverside Bike is the perfect option for all of these reasons! It is stylish and easy to work with. No frills and no high-tech names to look for in its features. A further look into its product characteristics, which is as follows, is sure to convince you about it.

The Schwinn Riverside Bike is fitted with a pair of simple 26-inch wheels. These are textbook perfect for this laidback beach cruiser which is usually ridden on singletracks. They make the ride a trip of much fun and descents smooth and enjoyable! They are not too bulky, consistent in performance and quick. It also has a rear derailleur built-in that makes the ride even and balances out any minor jaggedness with lubricant-like ease. With a relaxed 7-speed that makes the ride so much more pleasant- A ride around the block is sure to make you fall with this bike.

The remarkable thing about the Schwinn Riverside Bike is that it is powerful in all the right places. Its linear pull brakes are strong and guarantee a sure-stop. They are of alloy and this makes them rust-proof, resistant to all types of wear and tear over the long run. The 1-piece crank set also makes the pedalling along the path, stress-free. Look closer at the bike and you notice the alloy rims and fenders. These fenders keep your feet and your socks clean from being soiled by puddles that splash as you zip through them on your bike. On the Schwinn Riverside Bike, the fender adds to its chicness and is the same colour as the rest of the bicycle.

Priced at $198.99 and available in classic black, this bike can be assembled in no time and a one-size fit all! So what are you waiting for?

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