Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mongoose Hoop D BMX bikes

Mongoose is one of the largest manufacturers of BMX bikes within affordable ranges. The company has got a large line up of BMX bikes in the year 2010. The lineup includes bikes that are durable, quick free style bikes. The price almost varies depending on the components. The bikes with higher prices are equipped with a fork and frame of chromyl steel whereas other models have a high tension steel frame. All the models of mongoose bikes come with a pro rush brake rotor and also have a set of axle pegs.

The mongoose hoop d bicycle can handle almost all terrains like a pro bike. It is preloaded with a new freestyle frame as well as a fork. The mongoose hoop d is a freestyle BMX bike. BMX is the abbreviation for bicycle motocross. These bikes are used in rough terrains in a racing sport. The feature of a BMX bike is that their wheels are smaller in diameter compared to other bikes. The frames of such bikes are smaller in size compared to the size of the rider. Mongoose hoop d is having caliper brakes in the front and u-brakes at the back side. It has got a brake rotor along with 4 pegs. The pedals of the bike are made of alloy. The rims have 48 spokes. Each and every spoke is made up of black alloy. The mongoose hoop d BMX bikes requires assembly. The bike is an early gift for all the beginners of bike riders. The mongoose hoop d bike is a handy bike and the alloy parts of the bike makes the bike stronger. The bike has got special uses such as it can be used in performing high jumps. Almost all skills and tricks can be performed using a mongoose hoop d bike. The metal pedals and their wheels will last for a long time. It has got a long body measuring almost 20 inches. There is also a little reflector light in a mongoose hoop d.

The bike is loved by people of almost all age groups. However, it is more popular among teenagers who are keen to perform stunts and tricks. These bikes can be bought as a birthday gift or as a Christmas present for children. Since these bikes are mainly used by beginners, it is evident that the bike provides a perfect platform for learning lessons in bike riding.

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