Monday, December 20, 2010

Bodycraft Tour Trainer - Body-crafted to perfection!

Most of us bring home the stationary exercise bike continuously comparing it to the average road bike minus the discomforts of navigating through traffic and possibility of falling off. Very often we end up disappointed when we realize that indoor and road biking are not the same, in fact, not even similar! But with the Bodycraft Tour Trainer, you are sure to enjoy the experience of indoor biking as if on a traditional road bike! It is realistic and a pleasure to use to loose weight, for strength training or for professional training, within the comforts and the four walls of your home!

Originally designed for training professional cyclists, it flaunts a frame made entirely of heavy-duty steel that is coated with powder paint that prevents rust. This makes for a very sturdy foundation for the Body Tour Trainer. Despite this, it takes up little space and flaunts a dimension of 50 x 30 x 47! It is practical and convenient and can be used by any member of the general public. With its capacity of 300 pounds, it also displays functionality with its water bottle holder, including a water bottle that goes with it and seating that is easy to climb onto. The crank set of the Bodycraft Tour Trainer is a strong three-piece made of cro-moly and is 165mm long. The cranks spin on a carbon steel axle around SKF bearings that are made in Germany and gives an even performance. It also flaunts a 5PK V-ribbed automatic belt for a terrific drive. The 46lb precision flywheel spins at least three times faster than the regular direct-drive cycles.
The strength of the Bodycraft Tour Trainer lies in its sensible design. Build on an adjustable suspension system it shifts from side-to-side as an imitation of realistic motion of a road bike. This gives professional athletes a way to acquaint themselves to race-like conditions and prepares them mentally as well as physically. Other features like actual bicycle handlebars and brake lever only add to its likeability. It is also fitted with an excellent quality Velo saddle that is comfortable and sturdy. The pedals are equally comfy with toe straps and are made of aluminum alloy. They can be switched to the SPD system for freedom of movement.

The seat and the handlebars can be adjusted to accommodate users of all heights and weights. The makers of the Bodycraft Tour Trainer offer a lifetime guarantee for the frame in case of home use and a 20 year warranty period in case of commercial. Priced at reasonable $2060.99, it is a great buy.

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