Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Schwinn bikes

Schwinn is a well-known bicycle brand that has diversified itself into fitness equipment too. Founded in the year 1895, Schwinn has become an integral part of many bikers for more than a century now. Sports websites like have on their display wide range of Schwinn bikes to choose from. Antique Schwinn bikes are also in great demand and they fetch a hefty sum. Some of the varieties of Schwinn bikes available in the market are mountain bikes that come with hard tail or full suspension with disc brakes. Then you have the Cruisers that are high end fashion bikes for the fashion conscious. Schwinn cruiser bikes have space to hold luggage and is basically designed for a flat terrain. There are pavement bikes that are used by people who prefer to cycle down to the groceries or to flex their muscles. Pavement bikes are affordable though made of high quality components. Hybrid Schwinn bikes are also available that are basically designed for children.

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