Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The stationary recumbent exercise bikes!

It does not matter if you are a beginner at working out or if you are doing so without supervision. It does not matter if you are young or old, training for strength, for fun or just to loose some of the extra flab. The stationary exercise bicycle is legendary for its usability by all. This is one of the chief traits that make it among the most popular gym equipments found at homes across the globe. It is safe, convenient and they can be easily folded away for want of space. The benefits reaped from the use of the stationary exercise bike range from general health and fitness to medical.

Using the stationary exercise bike over the long run helps you to build the muscles in your leg and thigh, especially the hamstrings, making them strong and supple. The target on such muscle groups among others help improve support given to the back. Besides, pedaling the stationary exercise bike serves as a cardio exercise that keeps cardiovascular diseases, obesity and several similar diseases miles away from you. They spur the blood circulation in one’s body keeping them active and full of vitality. They are also aerobic exercise and help you loose much weight starting with 400 calories for an hour of light workout, on an average.

The stationary recumbent exercise bikes can be used by everybody in general and nothing focuses more on this statement than the fact that it is available in two types- the recumbent bicycle and the upright bicycle. The recumbent bicycle offers the user the convenience of reclining and pushing the pedals which are in the front instead of the sides as they usually are. In fact, they are so comfortable that you could actually read a book while working out. This could be useful for the older generation who are jumping onto the bandwagon of fitness.

The upright bicycle on the other hand forces one to sit up straight and is useful for those suffering from diseases like spinal arthritis that require you to maintain good posture. They also offer a higher intensity workout as they look and function like the traditional road bike. You could stand up while pedaling away to fat burning session.

The stationery exercise bike helps keep your joints flexible and you active. While looking into purchasing one for your use, look into key parameters such as warranty, assembly requirements, price, company of repute, whether air assisted bike, comfort of the seat and handlebar, maintenance cost and electrical requirements. Given that, the Momentum Exercise Bicycle priced at $859.99 and Endurance 52.5u Recumbent Bike available for $1626.99 are excellent choices.

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