Monday, December 20, 2010

Commercial treadmills: Choosing Amongst The Best!

Commercial treadmills differ from the regular ones in our homes on the prime basis that they are used in harsher environments. They are available to a larger number of individuals for use, who may differ in size, age and usage requirements. Commercial treadmills are therefore sturdier and are built with higher grade components making the maintenance cost lower. They boast a variety of training programs, motor power and stability and a sound warranty. They are markedly different from ‘commercial grade’ treadmills too, which are efficient and powerful, but not quite as much. Advanced electronics and construction, cushioning and reputed manufacturers are some of the key attributes to look for.

Commercial treadmills are not your average home gym equipment and are much more heavy-duty as well as expensive. Therefore while investing in one, there are certain aspect to take a keen look at. One of the chief characteristic is to examine the frame of the treadmill. The frame makes all the difference when it comes to sturdiness and durability. Aluminum frames will just not do as the number of users is large. Look for a strong steel frame with welded parts that preferably comes with a firm guarantee. They are robust and long-lasting.

The second aspect to look at is the belt. The belt lies at the core of any treadmill. It is exposed to the most amounts of usage and therefore wear and tear. The belt therefore needs to display good endurance and strength. Ensure that it provides enough friction and is low-maintenance in itself. There shouldn’t be a frequent need to oil or clean to keep it functioning. The deck that supports the belt must, as a steadfast rule, be hardy and very tough. It should be able to carry on under immense human weight and cannot afford to break or even crack while in use.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, the control system of a commercial treadmill should be smart and well-designed. It should offer the user a variety of training programs, resistance levels, inclines and the likes while providing some of the all-important basics. Ensure that the treadmill has an emergency shutdown button. This is very necessary and should be within reach of the user as you cannot be sure who might start palpitating too much or become breathless while on the treadmill. The treadmill should also generally allow a gradual increase or decline in speed while starting and stopping respectively. Holders for water bottles, mobile phones and mp3 players can also be in place for popular use.

Some of the best commercial treadmills are the Fitnex Light Commercial Treadmill priced at $3425.99, for light, moderated use and the Aristo Commercial Treadmil available for $9549.99.

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