Monday, December 20, 2010

Mongoose Freestyle Bikes

When it comes to performance bikes, Mongoose is the first name that crosses everyone’s mind. Mongoose is the brand name that was originally started by BMX Products. Over the period the BMX Products was taken over by the Pacific Cycles, but the technology lived on as the BMX technology. Even the bicycles today are well advertised under the same skill and are considered to be the best in the terms of performance.

In the year 2001, the brand name Mongoose merged with Pacific Cycles and then the bicycles manufactures under this label were well recognized for their performance and affordability. There are five different ranges of Mongoose freestyles bikes and each has their own unique feature. The rates of these bikes vary according to the equipment installed in them and the other casting features.

The Diagram, Article, Capture, Subject and Pit Crew and the five styles of bicycles that are manufactured under the flagship of Mongoose Freestyles Bikes. Talking about the Diagram, this is one of the most prominent bikes that are designed with 74.5 degree head tube for supporting fast and steep turns. They have fork and triangle shaped handle bars, which give better grip while performing stunts and rough drives. These bikes come with FX 340 brakes along with Stanford tires for smooth rides along with smooth stopping.

The Articles is yet another strong model belonging to Mongoose freestyle bikes line. These bikes have borrowed some component styles from the Diagram but yet they have their own specifications. The frame and the handle styles are similar to that of Diagram, but the pedals are made from Mongoose poly carbon along with Mongoose cockpit components and Odyssey 12 tooth Innova tires.

The Capture is another Mongoose freestyle bike and it has a high tension steel frame and fork pattern. It has 13 tooth cog set and KMC chains along with alloy rims. The brakes styles are highly adopted from the Diagram, which are high on both the performance as well as the rates.

Coming to The Subject, they are again high tension steel frame Mongoose freestyle bikes, which are also rich with Mongoose Resin Pedals, Steel Spokes, Steel Hub and alloy rims. This model is also rich with front and rear brakes, which are SB900 and SB933 respectively.

Lastly we have the Pit Crew model, which is basically an upgraded style of the Subject. However they still have their own classification with the support of components like Rush alloy U brakes on the rear side. This Mongoose freestyle bike line does not include front brakes. Its entire frame, hub and spokes are made of quality steel and it also has KMC chain like that of Capture model. The Pit Crew model is well equipped with Kenda tires for a smooth ride through rough trails.

Hence all these five styles of Mongoose Freestyle bikes are one of a kind and they are all rich with components for high performance delivery and are believed to be the best with the prices as well.

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