Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mongoose Montana- mountain bikes

Mongoose Montana is a mountain bike for men. It has got front suspension fork. There is a full alloy of MTB frame and MTB riser bars. It has got a main wing stem. It is equipped with a 21 speed SRAM MRX shifters and a Shimano back derailleur. It has wide tires of 1.95 inches that helps the mountain bike to roll over all terrains smoothly. They have linear pull brakes and levers made of alloy and a three piece ATB crank.

The Mongoose Montana bikes are helpful in riding in trail regions as well streets. The bike has got the full alloy MTB frame which is used for rough handling purpose. The derailleur and SRAM MRX shifters provide control to the bike in both flat and hilly terrain. The bike has got black alloy rims that help the bike to roll smoothly over dirt as well grass. It has got a quick releasable and adjustable seat. Mongoose Montana has got a powerful body. So the chances of breaking of alloy parts are rare. These bikes are much durable than other bikes. The gear shifting pattern is extremely easy in a Mongoose Montana. It is equipped with these good gears so that an enthusiast can grab the skills in shifting the gears correctly right from his first ride. We will get more discounted bikes in stores. But they will not serve the purpose of a Mongoose Montana. A bad bike cannot impart a love feeling towards cycling. With the usage of a Montana, the craze of cycling will be bestowed. Even though money is an important concern, we should be able to gain better results for spending money. Montana guarantees enjoyment.

By simply reading the reviews of Mongoose Montana that are posted by the users who bought it, we are able to find that the bike is definitely serving the purpose. The online list price of a Montana bike is 209.68 dollars. The shipping facilities for this bike when bought online, is only available in US. With its distinct and attractive features it is surely a promising bike. The bike which is made of alloy parts is found to be more durable than any other bikes and the bike is worth its price.

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